Competition and near term ME volume catalysts

In the absence of speculation, the value of NEX is dependent on Nash trading volume. 1 NEX = 1 USD might seem boring to some, but, ignoring other factors, that valuation requires ~5M USD trading volume per day. Also, if I recall correctly, FC noted that Nash trading volume would need to be 5-7M USD daily to cover current operating costs. So to state the obvious, we need volume ASAP. So I have a few broad questions for the community;
(1) Who are the main competitors for Nash at the moment, and is it still realistic to think that Nash can obtain enough market share to survive in what seems to be a very competitive and saturated sector?
(2) What are some near-term potential volume catalysts? e.g. what can we expect from Nash fiat ramp, BCH/LTC/DOGE listings, marketing, NEX listing (?), etc.
(3) Non-custodial (and real!) BTC trading was a tremendous achievement by the team but, in my opinion, volume has to be the true measure of Nash’s success. At what point is <5M USD per day a real cause for concern?

Once the last 3 items are checked off this list and Nash has started a significant advertising push.
They’ve spoken consistently about not spending on new markets (Korea, Canada, Japan, HK, etc…) before first increasing penetration in existing markets, I’d be seriously concerned if the above three items are complete advertising starts and volume + existing market share remains low.

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I see the same points here. The volume is the key here. It acts like a snowball effect, and other exchaanges basicly live from the fees that trader generate. In the mid-term nash must obtain that minimum amount ot trading volume per day. I personally would use it once fiat ramps are online to buy more neo and btc- usd