Nash platform general availability (GA) and next steps on community

maybe we get a sneak peak of the lists? :innocent: :thinking: :smiley:

However, aside from bookmarking the exchange website, the extension was a nice piece of verifier to the legitemacy of the exchange (since it coloured). Not to disqulify the GA app codes which should be enough. Just a note.

Steps till GA: ⬤⬤◯◯◯ 40% complete!

N.B: Progress is not linear :shushing_face:


What does GA mean?

General Availability

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reading you me tells me how much works its needed to educate people. Even if info is under our eyes, lazyness take it off …


@natnet The meaning of GA can vary per project. Below is a quote from Nash CEO describing the meaning in Nash interpretation.


Just curious, do we expect to see the MPC wallets for non API key users (regular users) before GA?

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Nope, currently it’s only these 3 remaining:

  • Transfer improvements - a main pain-point of users
  • Nash fiat ramp - since 3rd party providers couldn’t service to the requirements of users and the funding requirements of traders needing to move cash positions across exchanges in short time spans
  • Easy KYC Tier 2 - so that high volume traders can easily enter Nash

When will we see this interface? @canesin

Arent’t were there already ? What part you aiming at exactly ?


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It seems like this is showing the old price chart. Depth was probably part of that chart. Now that we use the Tradingview chart, you can click depth in the top left corner.

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From my perspective I’m missing one important point for “personal” GA:

A software tool to withdraw coins/tokens form the state channel network without going through nash online tools.


We actually tested it @kazanchev a month ago and it needed a bit more work to be public, it will come on one of this Wednesday updates.


“You can be sure, the moment you login in this forum with your Nash ID, Nash and its Ambassadors network should provide you with enough information and material to bring your friends and family on board”

“The Ambassadors program is an example: it will increase in size and get more structured on the next couple months”

after 2 months we have no news on the program and we have no material!
The pattern from the team of missing deadlines and bad communication never ends , really sad!

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What information are you missing to onboard your friends and family? Did you ask for help specifically? Did you check out existing resources, such as the support center, the blog or make a search in this very forum?

We’re still in Q2 and the team has a lot of work on many fronts. That being said, nothing official yet doesn’t mean it’s not moving forward.

N.B: when quoting, it would be best to use the quote feature: it really makes reading easier as well as understanding the context faster. Simply highlight some text and click on “Quote”. You can even copy/paste the resulting snippet to another topic if you wish.


what are you talking about mate? i am asking @canesin why they can’t keep up with anything they are promising , seems to me like the team is not well organized, having professional and all around promoting material is crucial , as a ceo you must know what you are talking about , it’s totally irresponsible missing dates again and again

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You must have chosen the wrong quotes to get your point across. None of the above is wrong, this is what I’m trying to tell you:

In terms of content, there is already a lot:

To add to that, a very nice brochure was shared by Ambassadors on Telegram recently. If you missed it, I can send it to you, but I hardly think you need this to “…onboard friends and familly”.

As for your second quote, what part of “…in the next couple months” do you not understand?

About the deadline question and more generally communication between Nash and its community, Nash is also iterating, learning and improving:

  • Fabio just shared a progress update on fiat ramps. As you can tell, it’s a delay due to compliance. They’re moving as fast as possible but not everything is within their control.
  • Last exchange maintenance was announced on Twitter beforehand.

I for one find all this to be very good signs.

If you are frustrated about something and think your insights can help Nash team or Nash community, please share them with facts and constructed arguments.