Nash deployment AMA

A few questions:

  1. When will marketing start? Should we not try to generate hype around the launch?

  2. Why use AWS? Depending on Amazon seems like a risk.

  3. Will Nash launch its own cloud computing solution?


Thank you for the detailed answer.
At least the community now knows that you are dealing with some issues, which unfortunately can occur in Software.

I appreciate the hard work of you and the team. Since we now know what you have to deal with, it is not that terrible. The silence was the problem for many of us.

I wish you good luck for the weekend.
Greeting from Austria!

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No, we have a very large integrity checked bootstrap and our monitor only needs to sync since the deployment of the initial contracts we need to track events from, that is configurable.

As you can see in this snipped of our K8s yaml

We are being as transparent as we can be.


@NJB Marketing is different from advertising, but advertising will ramp up after launch. We use GPC for our services, not AWS, though have no plans for our own cloud computing platform anytime soon


Nash Pay is a upcoming product not part of the MVP we are bringing to the market.


Thank you and all the community for the support, this project is truly to you all. As we said we will continue to push through to have a eminent no compromise launch of our MVP.

I will have some sleep to be back soon and connect with our Western team during the evening.

All the best!


Thanks for the detailed updates, @canesin and @ethan. Stay strong :muscle::muscle:

Thanks Fabio and Ethan, Please go catch some sleep now…

  • This is not a feedback thread, we will have those as in every beta we did.
  • The top nav follow screen size, center is width limited. My 32" screen is resized to fit.
  • You frequently suggest these kind of passive aggressive things, we would never delay or do less to have a wow factor. This is not the type of company we are. If you expect that, you are invited to move to a competitor. Integrity is a core value to us.

Thank you all for the questions and the support. Thank you for the team and community for working so hard to bring this vision to life.
I will close the topic for archival reasons and we will link to this in communications.


We have re-open this topic if the community has new questions.


Hi Fabio! What does the picture look like a day after?

Keep up the good work!

Community behind you, just keep the communication channels open with at least 2 updates per day. A conservative “rough” expected launch would also help ( hours, days, …) with expected functionality at launch.
All the Best to you & the Team

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Hi @crypto_casablancas solid progress, at the closing of their day the western team did a mainnet trade to test using the new blockchain explorers (this can be probably time checked at the ETH and NEO blockchains).

Currently EU timezone QA is being done and we are waiting the western team come online again in about 4~5 hours to do the daily handover.


@CedarCoin The mkt team will keep this thread open, our last “rough” estimate was the last one when stopped with full team. When we are able to once again communicate time we will.


Hey @canesin here in this thread @ethan and you both said in less than a day and said hours , please let us know a timeline , we know that you guys are working hard but please try to also understand the community members sentiment too

Awesome, thanks for the update.

Any news on the AWS situation, and API/Fiat ramp availability?

It was already stated above, that they are waiting 4-5h for the daily handover with the western team. We will have to wait till then for further updates…

Hi Team, not really worried when the Exchange comes online as long as things are done right. I’ve waited this long so I have no problems waiting a little no longer. For those who are impatient and who are bagging the team “Chill Out”. There’s more to life than refreshing the NASH website every 5 minutes. Best of Luck Fabio and Team.