In couple of hours

Do you realise (like really) that we’ve been waiting a year since ICO, some of us almost 2 years in general for tomorrow? The team has done possible and impossible, worked hard and actually delivered. That’s huge! People are overloading this forum as well as other social media, asking weird (not in all cases) questions or mooning etc. What really matters is to say huge thanks to the team. To every single person in the team, current or formal, doesn’t matter. Join me by clapping our hands, saying thank you all and wishing the best for the launch, days after launch and to the future itself. And to all proud Nash community members



Really great work from the whole team and also the open communication to everybody that’s involved is a great great reason for people to commit their time and effort to share, teach and help the community to grow.
We all know just like Nash that their products and fin-tech is so very needed right now and in the coming years…:clap::clap::clap:


Proud to be in the community of a project which can actually benefit millions if not billions of people and not just another project created for a trivial use case. Excited to see the new chains and features gradually added too.


Been in crypto since 2013. Most impressive new crypto project I’ve seen since Ethereum. Team has a very good recipe of:

  • Organized
  • Community oriented (focus on decentralization)
  • Quality deliverables
  • Perfect timing (for the release of their proprietary technology – DEX with CEX performance)

I hope the Team has a strategy for NEO network by approving the KYC in batches and delay KYC approval by few hours when the network is clogged

Congrats to the team! On 12/23/2017 I informed a friend of mine, to have a look at this Neonexchange thing. Can’t believe that now on 08/23/2019, 20 months have passed since that message. Wishing all the best for the launch!

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Looking forward to launch in a few minutes :slight_smile:

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only half a hour to go… Cali time? exited aswel

Keep heads up everyone. I’m sure the team is neck-deep in a minor, yet important-to-solve technical issue – and they must believe they can solve it and launch before the dateline worldwide flips past Aug 23. I’m ultimately not worried at all, and of course hope they can get it and launch soon.

Don’t panic :slight_smile: Day or two means nothing… that’s development. Launching exchange is much more difficult compared to any other service. Security is top priority, peoples’ money in risk so it must be 100% bullet proof. We all can wait much longer, better safe than sorry… one big mistake and all effort for nothing… I hope once the team goes through this, they take some time to rest and celebrate… we’re with you guys


24 August 2019 now, no announcement, no launch. I understand that launching an exchange is monumental and it takes time, and obviously the team wants to make the exchange 100% bullet proof. However the fact that it’s 24 hours after the promised launch date and there has been no announcement on anything is pretty unprofessional.

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