Nash deployment AMA

Hi Fabio! What does the picture look like a day after?

Keep up the good work!

Community behind you, just keep the communication channels open with at least 2 updates per day. A conservative “rough” expected launch would also help ( hours, days, …) with expected functionality at launch.
All the Best to you & the Team

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Hi @crypto_casablancas solid progress, at the closing of their day the western team did a mainnet trade to test using the new blockchain explorers (this can be probably time checked at the ETH and NEO blockchains).

Currently EU timezone QA is being done and we are waiting the western team come online again in about 4~5 hours to do the daily handover.


@CedarCoin The mkt team will keep this thread open, our last “rough” estimate was the last one when stopped with full team. When we are able to once again communicate time we will.


Hey @canesin here in this thread @ethan and you both said in less than a day and said hours , please let us know a timeline , we know that you guys are working hard but please try to also understand the community members sentiment too

Awesome, thanks for the update.

Any news on the AWS situation, and API/Fiat ramp availability?

It was already stated above, that they are waiting 4-5h for the daily handover with the western team. We will have to wait till then for further updates…

Hi Team, not really worried when the Exchange comes online as long as things are done right. I’ve waited this long so I have no problems waiting a little no longer. For those who are impatient and who are bagging the team “Chill Out”. There’s more to life than refreshing the NASH website every 5 minutes. Best of Luck Fabio and Team.


That seems to be working but we will take a cautious approach none the less, if we come online today at PST time we will still keep it disabled. We will enable during next week only after the US bank has processed correctly the final test.


Thanks @Jarek_Mace we will continue in war room mode until we make the MVP available.


Rad, thank you!

Nash team showing hands down the most professional approach to disaster management crypto has ever seen. How often do we see update AMAs every ~24hrs in this industry – spoiler, almost never.

If you’re coming here to demand a set launch time, just be thankful the team has even reached out thus far. Most other projects would have gone MIA until some elaborate excuse was crafted.

Thanks again @ethan @canesin @carla and others, I’ll add my name to the “take your time, no rush” list.



Perhaps, at least, release the mobile apps for KYC ?

We would but by now we will reduce surface and only enable web based KYC (so you can still do KYC but we have less moving parts to worry for the next few days).


Thanks, but there is no excuse to craft. We failed a delivery that we believed to meet until Friday, so after the crisis is solved we will do a post-mortem meeting and improve the processes so this doesn’t happen again.


Don’t sweat it too much Fabio, we’ll all have a beer after we see this one through.

Would be nice if you guys could upload the documentation on the api’s in the meantime, so the community could figure out how we can help with liquidity once the exchange is up and running.


I remeber the statement that those who did KYC for the 2nd lottery round don’t have to do it again. Is this still valid?

Its been over 5 hours now any news ?

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Well, I don’t fully understand what that means in practice. But what I read between the lines is that I have to do KYC again.
If that’s the case, at which point it is needed? Can I start staking before I passed KYC (like that KYC is needed when you wanna collect the fees to your wallet?)
And what does that mean for nOS and the nOS token, as I used the same wallet address for my nOS account in order be able to trade via the nOS app. Furthermore this is especially relevant, because the nOS token gained voting power by not moving them around. If I have to transfer to another neo wallet address for NASH I’ll loose this.

@ethan @canesin lets hear some good news from you guys