Nash deployment AMA

@ethan - hope you and the PST team get some good sleep and don’t stress re timings


Thank you @Trust_Yourselves, we will not cut corners.


Hello guys,
Being an IT Engineer, i know what exactly you are facing, this is what can happen in every release, no problem, for me it could even be delayed for another week to be sure you guys deliver the products in good conditions.
Saying that, (and not for must of investors, but for some people) a small effort in communication will be appreciated, i know that you didn’t have the whole picture about the issue, but just a tweet where you mention that the launch can be delayed for unknown issues.



Thank you for keeping us up to date! It sucks but in the world of IT this is expected. Stuff breaks down unexpectedly all the time. The important thing is to fix it and learn not to make the same mistake twice.

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Did I say that sir/lady?

Thanks @Achlem, the reason we didn’t do that is we really thought we could get things out today. But I totally understand where you are coming from, and do also wish we had posted this earlier


So in summary for the community:

  • Fiat-ramps will NOT be available at launch since the api error, caused by AWS

For this weekend, as APIs are coming back, but our bank transfer needs to go through and this is not blockchain, it doesn’t work on weekends. We actually use a integrator to connect to it, people that use Coinbase should know Plaid, we had issues on connections. We will put it up as soon as we can go full circle on that.

  • OMG & LX Markets not available at launch

No, we are in contact with Tyler from LX to solve this asap, OMG we will not integrate directly in our vault, we decided to use a proxy contract to not have to change something that has seen so many reviews. So OMG will take longer.

  • ETH Explorer issues for ETH-Tokens on the Exchange => Launch when solved

Perfect, that is the portfolio balance issue. The explorer detect movements are used in our matching engine system (the state channels monitoring system) that keep track of all those balances to preset users portifolio. As soon as this is solved we will do another overview QA and decided on go.

So after the last pointed problem is solved you would launch. Is this correct?

That is the current decision line, I will sleep now as it is 1pm in Austria and I have been running 32h, when I wake up and have the usual founders call with @ethan, @fabwa, @LucianoEngel and @localhuman we will know better.


This is absolutely fine as long as we get the best possible product with minimal hassle . We are in uncharted waters as far as technical aspects are concerned. Hence these things ought to happen. Keep up the good work, slowly but surely we will get there


@canesin @ethan I would like to know about the Nash Pay application in the play store and in the app store, have they already solved that or is that issue ok for now? I also want to know if it can be used on launch day.

We only had the current picture about 2h ago, during early morning Asia. We didn’t communicate earlier because until that moment we expected to still just open the platform to the public.


Thanks for the info. This can always happen, I still trust you for doing the right things.
Now I finally can get some sleep after being up for almost 24 hrs.
Good Night

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and I can relax my fingers from refreshing site every 10 mins :slight_smile:


ohhh team saying “unknown issues” … id be careful… judging by the price reaction (currently) id say they made the right move. the market seems to be very resilient… or trusting

A few questions:

  1. When will marketing start? Should we not try to generate hype around the launch?

  2. Why use AWS? Depending on Amazon seems like a risk.

  3. Will Nash launch its own cloud computing solution?


Thank you for the detailed answer.
At least the community now knows that you are dealing with some issues, which unfortunately can occur in Software.

I appreciate the hard work of you and the team. Since we now know what you have to deal with, it is not that terrible. The silence was the problem for many of us.

I wish you good luck for the weekend.
Greeting from Austria!

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No, we have a very large integrity checked bootstrap and our monitor only needs to sync since the deployment of the initial contracts we need to track events from, that is configurable.

As you can see in this snipped of our K8s yaml

We are being as transparent as we can be.


@NJB Marketing is different from advertising, but advertising will ramp up after launch. We use GPC for our services, not AWS, though have no plans for our own cloud computing platform anytime soon


Nash Pay is a upcoming product not part of the MVP we are bringing to the market.


Thank you and all the community for the support, this project is truly to you all. As we said we will continue to push through to have a eminent no compromise launch of our MVP.

I will have some sleep to be back soon and connect with our Western team during the evening.

All the best!


Thanks for the detailed updates, @canesin and @ethan. Stay strong :muscle::muscle: