Market sell order, misleaded price. UX issue on price

I want to report an issue with the exchange.

Earlier I made a sell order at 0.001 NEO, to sell 3988 PHX. The maths says I should have received 4 NEO, but instead received 2.5 NEO. Where’s the other 1.5 NEO? It’s a simple maths calculation that the exchange got wrong and made me lose money

Have you take a screenshot?

there’s the sell order at 10:50 am,

Someone tell me my maths is wrong

I think it was rounded to 0.001 NEO.
The order was probably placed by switching to NEO-PHX market which makes it possible to place orders with more precision than the 3 decimals on the PHX-NEO pair. However, on the PHX-NEO pair this order gets rounded to the 3 decimals, which is why you saw 0.001, when in fact it was maybe 0.0007 or something.

Well that’s deceptive because when I enter my sell order, I put 0.001 NEO, and the exchange tells me my total is 3.988 NEO. So I’m going by what the exchange is telling me I’m receiving

Yes I agree, certainly a flaw that should be fixed with high priority.

Also, the 3 decimals is simply not enough, I hope they increase them soon.


You did a market sell, market orders are not price guaranteed they are time execution guaranteed. A limit order has price guaranteed. There is no bug here.

Don’t make this claims on a new account on the forum, contact support if needed.


Ah didn’t think about that, but that’s true if placed as a limit order this wouldn’t have matched.

Are you guys looking into allowing more decimals though? Since they are kinda needed on pairs like this. Is there some technical difficulty that is stopping you to allow more decimals?

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Fabio, I agree with you. But it can not be that you only see it when you turn the market. This really shows in my opinion that the 3 decimal places are not enough for such small markets.

There was no changes in the buy orders. Order book says I sold at 0.001 NEO. What’s the problem here? I can understand if the order changed at the last second but it didn’t.

When someone places a buy order at 0.001 NEO, how are they going end up buying at 0.0007? The maths is fixed

I was interested in using the exchange, hopefully making a switch from Binance when volume picks up but I am not impressed with how a simple 0.001 buy order somehow translates to another number. Close this thread if you want to, but I still want this resolved in DM or email.

I just checked what is shown before you place market order. It shows this: image

However, if you would place the order you would get about 2 NEO. Ofcourse the market order window is an estimate and you are not guaranteed 4 NEO, but it is not the best UX in my opinion. I think it deserves some attention.

I’ll probably be moving back to Binance for my own safety

We are analyzing markets yet, I think that we have in this moment best in industry settings for main markets … on the smaller value coins this is very hard to do and we are collecting info given low liquidity of the pairs, unfortunately this is quite empirical, since it appears those tickers have poor settings across the industry.

The issue is tick size should represent a meaningful price improvement, on FIFO you have two priorities Price and Time, being Price > Time. If the tick is very small (say 1 base point of the pair) the price priority becomes dominant, as people will just place marginal price changes above each other just to have priority - completely invalidating the time priority.

You didn’t place a buy order at 0.001 NEO, you placed a market sell. Are you being sly on purpose ? There is no math error. Also the order book doesn’t show execution.

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Fair enough haha. I’ve been waiting for NASH since 2017 and if this is how you treat your consumers

True, we will compute the estimate using the order book standing orders. We will also add the average price on the orderbook hover.

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By switching to NEO-PHX it is still possible to do marginal price changes above each other right?

I really like the possibility to switch the market, but this gives people using NEO-PHX as pairs an advantage over people using PHX-NEO, if I’m not mistaken.

You should not be market selling when you see there is not enough on the sell side to back up the price you want. I hope you know the difference between limit and market sell.


If your concern is the UX issue you had we can talk about it, but I don’t know why you keep saying “buy order at 0.001 NEO” and “math is fixed” when you did a market sell. We treat all our costumers with a lot of respect, but you don’t seem to want this solved. Instead of consulting support and being honest on your statements you created a tread saying you had a bug and lost funds, than keep repeating a false statement.