Laws going hard on Facebook- Libra

As expected, facebook will not have an easy pass by the regulators after the recent privacy law cases.

Lets see how it comes out…! Like it or not, i think facebook will be part of an effort to bring faster adoption and better legitimacy in cryptocurrencies.


The only thing I can really hope comes out of this is that Facebook Coin’s battle with regulators paves the way for a proper framework in which cryptocurrency projects can operate in the US. Much in the same way Nash’s registered Security Token paved the way for others :grin:

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Has NASH team given their stance on Libra ?
Do our lawyers think it will be permitted in the USA?
if so … whats Nash’s strategy? … Do we want to help them increase the utility of Libra or is this the wrong move ?

Coinbase are hedging their bets as founding members of both Libra and USD-C


Appreciated dude… thanks
missed these
th last response was excellent from Fabio…exactly what i was looking for

Why has USD-C not received the same backlash as Libra appears to be facing?..
is it the basketing of currencies ?
or the vertical integration thats causing the issues ?
otherwise they seem fairly similar …
(at these early stages and with what info i have available)

I would guess it’s because Facebook already has a global base of 1B+ users. USDC doesn’t threaten banks because the world won’t suddenly switch over to it anytime soon.

Libra, on the other hand, could pull that off within the first year of launching. That’s my best guess, anyways. It’s hella complicated, I’m sure there are a million other moving parts involved.

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this is one of the reasons. facebook has billions of customers and their data. and with that make money, targeted advertising. and if just this company still sees what billion customers spend every cent … from that, they would be directly a new World Bank

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This is what i got …
USDC runs on Ethereum - so public and open blockchain rails. The collateralization method is completely different. But yeah u guys are right in saying Facebook is an entirely different monster…

this should move regulation forward and is a net positive for NASH and others