Plans to pursue facebooks global coin as a listing?

Has there been any discussion on wether Nash may pursue Facebook’s global coin upon early availability? Wether we like it or not its hard to deny the potential use case of it and amount of users it will be available for. Being legally compliant it would be a good use case if we were able to be an early mover to list it. I’m hearing reports around the space of big name adopters (paypal, uber, etc.)


Fabio spoke about it yesterday in this twitter thread…


[edit] Appears it will be just another coin for us. We need to dive deeper but at surface Move seems capable of describing the functions we need for our vault system. Since mainnet is expected to 2020 we have plenty of time, our focus after MVP continues to be Bitcoin infrastructure.


While I share most of Fabio’s concerns, I think Nash should proactively engage and do business with Libra.
There is far more to be gained from doing business with Libra than snubbing or antagonizing.
First, there’s the optics (you may argue that Facebook has got some bad press lately, but still it remains an industry giant, and a very profitable giant at that).
Then you have the quicker exposure to billions of potential customers, making it easier to promote Nash’s unique advantages/benefits. Also, Libra is releasing two coins (one a utility and the other a security) and Nash would be most qualified to list both.
I’ll hope that the Nash team adopts a tactful and pragmatic approach…


Would you make the same argument for Tether USDT or do you think they pose to much risk? Tether could be integrated tomorrow Libra wont be around till next year…

they 're listing usdc

If you use openmarketcap’s numbers (open market cap only uses data from exchanges shown to have legitimate volume in Bitwise’s report) USDC’s daily trade volume only makes up ~5% of USDT’s daily volume so the market size for USDC is way smaller than USDT. I know most of this has already been discussed over here, was just interested if @Olu agreed or not that a similar argument could be made for a Tether listing…

No, I think they are different issues. I think the team is right about Tether. Users simply want a stable coin that works, it doesn’t have to be Tether.

With Libra, my views are premature tbh. I don’t have a decent grasp yet and I am still researching. I think it is okay to be skeptical while also keeping an open mind.

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I fully agree @Olu.

  • Libra is targeting the 2 billion Facebook users worldwide + hundreds of millions of unbanked people globally. The Libra team is building the fiat-ramps we need, for almost every country in the world.

  • “NEX’s mission is to empower more than one billion users to invest, trade and manage digital assets by 2030. We aim to be the premier platform for decentralized financial tools and services.”

1+1=2 :arrow_right: this is an ENORMOUS opportunity for Nash Exchange to realise that ambitious goal. The fact that NEX is the first digital token fully registered as a (European) security is a bonus and a unique value proposition Nash has over other exchanges. For now…

libra is not available until mid 2020, if they apply to be on nash exchange and are legally allowed to I’m sure the team will list.