Ideas / Recommendations for Nash

(The Ron) #42

My trading bot has that functionality :slight_smile:


(Trust Yourselves ) #43

I absolutely love that idea.
Imagine being out with friends, hearing some major negative or positive news about the market. All you would have to do is open you your Nash mobile app and press NUKE or Reverse NUKE (if you had already previously nuked).
Please make this happen @canesin

Its these Market Taker ideas that will bring lots of fees for Nash and Investors.


(Nick) #44

Nice, reverse nuke is a perfect addition for when things are ‘safe’ again and you don’t want to spend hours regaining previous positions. This is free volume :tada:

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(Alex) #45

Haha. dump and pump feature :wink:

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(8bit) #46

I think we have to use some outside platform, where community can add and vote for ideas and implementations for Nash. The forum is good, but all ideas are scattered. Some are in this topic, some are there, some was sinked in tens of other topics. It will be much more convenient to collect all this ideas in a bunch, divide it by groups and range it via live votes.

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(FCC) #47

@8bit funny enough: the idea platform is an idea. But really we are just too focused on the MVP to devote resources to the forum right now. I continue to create issues with the suggestions from here, so nothing is lost. After we gather initial feedback from private community testers we will go increasing the feedback reach step by step.


(Slowwalker) #48

Some exchages currently under development are looking at adding a trailing stoploss function. (In addition to standard stoploss). Is Nash looking into something similar?

I’m not sure how hard this is to integrate, but I’m surprised Binace has not already added this feature, unless it’s something extremely complex to add.


(FCC) #49

Trailing stops are costly computational wise, specially for a deterministic system like ours. Every time there is a price movement trailing stops should be atomically updated together to a new target. That means a lot of open orders being updated at every single trade.

So we will only explore adding it after we do some serious performance improvements we have planned in Q3. Probably a 2020 feature for the ME.


(EC) #50

Speaking of performance, is the ME operating at 50/100k tps as planned or has this changed?


(Hypotheticalidentity) #51

This is a comment I see often from crypto-speculators or people unfamiliar with Nash (or supporters of competing platforms). They still think Nash will solely operate as a DEX!

I’d like to see marketing destroy that preconceived notion and beat it to a bloody pulp. Nash has partnered with remittance groups, payments processors, and banks in worldwide jurisdictions; make it known your platform is married to the real world. @carla, looking forward to seeing what you guys unveil.


(Alex) #52

Fully agree. Said this many times. Nash !s not a DEX.

If one ask what is Nash. dont even mention its a ‘DEX’. Instead say. its a non custodial exchange/marketplace…

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(Enderle85) #53

I fully agree.

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(Trust Yourselves ) #54

Hey @chris.fenwick any update with the badge graphics?


(Chris Fenwick) #55

@Nathaniel might be able to tell you more. I believe the badges will be coming soon, along with a profile picture for Wen :slight_smile:

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(John Nash) #56

Agree. Based on my interpretation of all the products described on the new website, I think of Nash (correctly or perhaps incorrectly) as Coinbase, Binance, Nasdaq, PayPal and blockfolio all rolled into one.


(Dead Pool 56) #57

I see it more like an asset management / financial service platform (like a Fidelity but you have total control over your funds) considering the list of options on the platform and what the team plans to achieve. Our opinion might change a year from today lol. Just like Amazon; selling books online to a global e-commerce giant.


(Billybelt) #58

another one : I think it’s easy to do…

open close

Hide one or all token in one click :+1:


(John Nash) #59

Nash = Coinbase, Binance, Nasdaq, PayPal, Fidelity and Ledger Nano, all rolled into one and regulatorily compliant.

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(EC) #60

I think that feature has already been implemented


(Roberto947) #61

What about things like Call/Put Options? That’s something that interests me. Any idea of when this might happen? What would be the biggest hurdles in making it happen?