Ideas / Recommendations for Nash


(Trust Yourselves ) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to open this thread as a way people can add ideas and recommendations for the Nash Company. This will prevent us all from creating new posts for each idea.

I was unable to locate a similar thread so decided to make one.

If anyone has any new ideas whether it is a tiny little feature for the website, app, exchange or a big product idea for Nash as a company then add them here and tag a team member.


(Trust Yourselves ) #2

I’ll get the ball rolling and ask that along with the Mobile App having 2FA, it can have a finger print scan log in option.
Most of us now use phones that have the finger print unlock option. Perhaps 2FA can be an additional option if the users wishes.
This can be seen here with the Revolut Mobile App. It speeds up the log in process proving simplicity for the user, which Nash wants to achieve

(The Ron) #3

Partnership with Own:

(Trust Yourselves ) #4

@chris.fenwick will the new community page have badges that can be identified by their symbols?
The current badges have mostly the same icon/symbol with no colour or image

(Chris Fenwick) #5

@Trust_Yourselves Yes. We already have a draft set of badge designs.

btw, on the subject of Revolut: a number of team members use the platform, so we’re very aware of them :wink:

(Trust Yourselves ) #6

@chris.fenwick great to hear. Thanks!

(Ethan Fast) #7

@Trust_Yourselves Re. mobile: yeah, we are working on both fingerprint and face id based options as extra layers of security

(Trust Yourselves ) #8

@ethan looking forward to it :muscle:

(Crypto King) #9

@ethan, @canesin please check if you can make a partnership with own. I think it will be great since there are an end to end STP platform. Own is found in liechtenstein .

(Bunder) #10

Nice @ethan!

Keep up the good work!


(Nick) #11

Posted this in the other suggestions topic, but it’s also suitable here.

(The Ron) #13

Hi, good idea, I was thinking exactly the same. Already sent a message to @clare about this.

I also talked to the CEO of Own (Sascha Ragtschaa) he is open for a chat.

About location, the offices in Vaduz are 2 km away from each other :slight_smile:

(Peter) #14

@TheRon @Crypto_King

Whilst it’s open for discussion, I’m not sure how a partnership with OWN would benefit NASH without some further information in favour of such. I’m aware that OWN will be looking to help projects launch security tokens, but where else could you find that experience?

That’s right, Nash underwent the full security token offering process so the team may know a bit more than some of these other projects that have launched utility tokens, offering a platform to launch security tokens. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t know alot about the process, but it’s ironic they haven’t launched security tokens, themselves.

Also, experience is the best teacher. Nash could build a one stop platform (once they have the human resources) for compliance + tokenisation and then make those security tokens immediately available for trade.

At present, if startups happen to opt to use the OWN platform to launch, expect them to come to NASH sooner or later to request listing once we have the approval to trade securities. There aren’t many security token exchanges so projects will be looking to list on as many as they can.

Sorry if my point is a bit scattered. I just got off a long flight and I couldn’t wait to rejoin the community discussion.

Guerilla Marketing ideas for a laugh or inspiration
(Nex Chapter) #15

Very valid point Peter, it will be interesting to hear a reply from the Nash team! Any discussion that promotes the future growth of Nash is what we want.

(Maftrader) #16

i hope multiple theme provided for interface, if possible similar interface like simplefx web version

(The Ron) #17

I understand what you’re saying, but you must not forget that all guys in the Own team have a background and a very big network and connections in the traditional equity market:

So if they can make use of those connections and of course their product they could bring in a trillion dollar industry into crypto. And then it would definetely benefit Nash too, because it would result in a massive gain of volume on the exchange.

(Alex Forward) #18

ETN app is using face id with a unique gesture for authentication…
(not saying its brilliant idea or something. just thought it was worth sharing as you said face id I had to think of this…)

(FCC) #19

@Alex this gesture thing is to do something called “proving liveness”. Our KYC solution already has that feature - using a different method.


(Olu ) #20

The Own team appears to be competent, however, @Peter’s points are very valid.
Unlike most companies in this space, nash has gone through the regulatory rigours of launching a security token.
Some sort of partnership may be possible, who knows.
Either way, nash is set to become the choice platform for launching and trading security tokens in the near future :crossed_fingers:t5:.

(The Ron) #21

I understand, but I think the best way to figure out of there could be a match is sitting together, drink a cup of coffee and share idea’s and thoughts. With the goal to see if there could be a potential match. From Own’s perspective I already know they are open for a chat.

And if the outcome would be that there is no future, that’s of course fine. Especially since the Vaduz offices are so close, it would be a very small effort to have such kind of chat. It would only take a few hours of time.