Ideas / Recommendations for Nash


(Trust Yourselves ) #22

For the basic/beginner/retail investors side of the exchange/app, I would love if I could make a reoccurring purchase of certain tokens on the exchange.
If I could set up a reoccurring payment of say €50 worth of NEX tokens (when available) for each of my fortnightly paydays it would be fantastic.
@ethan @canesin

I also think the bundling purchase is a great feature too.

Coinbase offer both of these products/services and it may be exactly what new retail investors will want.

(Peter) #23

Besides BTC and all the other previously mentioned high volume trading cryptos, it may be a good idea to welcome some communities that were burned by Binance.

For example Nash could list Elastos (which has already been mentioned in another thread) and Digibyte. I’m not a fan of either of these projects but both communities were hard done by Binance and are extremely passionate.

Slowly, but surely by listing projects with passionate communities, strong team/product/idea (or at least perceived), and not yet listed by Binance, we can begin to sway the overall crypto community to use Nash over Binance.

Obviously the team needs to look at the potential trading volume to ensure it’s not a waste of time.

(Ian J) #24

For traders, I think an important feature is price notification system. Being able to set up alerts for digital assets that reach a certain price level would be very useful.

Either mobile app notification or email alerts when price crosses / touches certain levels could be a nice feature. This is done quite well on

(Alex Forward) #25

Also when an order get filled it would be nice to get some sort of push notification…
A webhook type system would be nice too… so the system calls whatever url I specified when certain event occur… (–> reduce/prevent API poll requests?)

(Alex Forward) #26

While I’m thinking of it…

  • I like the fact in BitMex that you can drag and drop, resize interface modules to get personalized trading window…

  • Also beeing able to set limit order price by simply clicking in the chart would be nice too… (maybe key combo: alt+click => copy price in buy/sell fields…)

  • Also Mandala exchange was one of the first exchanges who showcased ‘profit taking / stop loss’ strategy module…(imao). For example beeing able to set a sell target (+xx%) and then set amount of profit taking points in between buy-price and target-price…
    –> Buy asset, set highest/lowest target, select a (predefined or custom) profit/loss taking/laddering strategy, done. (this will also fill the orderbooks, keeping the liquidity in the exchange… )

    image from mandala mockups

  • I also would also like to see an easy way to see my profits or losses (%) for an asset in relation to certain historical buy-order.
    In general; profit/loss reports per asset would be nice too… or just a good trading performace tracker would be big plus. And the effect on it with the order I’m about to place…

For example today… I wanted to sell HOT up until I got 30% profits in total. The rest I wanted to withdraw to my hodl-wallet in the fridge…
Because I also took profits on the way up I had to manually calculate how much I had to sell to get to 30%. It would be nice if I could just specify my last buy, set my profit target, see how much tokens to sell,…

(Basti) #27

This is an advertisement for the Frankfurt Crypto Exchange. I think that’s really well done … Something like that would be great for Nash … This is not advertising, just a suggestion to bring Nash to the front

(Kwicks) #28

It is a Crypto Exchange by Börse Stuttgart, not Frankfurt :wink: But anyway, I would also like it to have some kind of ads in the future. But I think this can wait

(Vectordoom) #29

Maybe a partnership with Revolut… that would be really huge!!! :thinking:

(FCC) #30

I personally dislike the ad, I would not download based on it. We will promote the brand in near future after we have our new identity up and are closer to product launch.

(Basti) #31

Marketing is not my area, I’m sure that Nash Marketing will go the right way. Was I like this video is it

  1. makes curious

  2. It stays in your head (combined with other videos you can win a large number of customers than with just a direct video)

Can not wait to see the first videos :+1:

(Alex Forward) #32

I do like the folksy feeling. However…
After watching this video I have no idea why I would want ‘crypto’. Now it even scares me more than before. (-- All those terms I know nothing about… This must be for geeks.) This ad is relating to people already into crypto territory. Waste of energy and assocating your brand with crypro-bubble imao.

If there were video’s to come for Nash I would challenge the makers not to use ‘blockchain’ or ‘crypto’ at all. And initially not targetting individuals but app makers, bigger communities/ecosystems. (or do joint-campaigns with partner(s)) And launch first big video campaign with payment services ready. Not exchange only.

EDIT: Think this may be a teaser video with more whats-in-it-for-me content (highlighting features etc. ) to come ?

#whoami #trustyourselves

(Crypto Valhalla) #33

Good day guys, I recently visited and there I noticed that the user can interact with GUI and may change its location according to his needs. I found it interesting and it may interest you too.

(Lavalamp) #34

netter Spot!

(Crypto Valhalla) #35

@canesin Just an idea, the team could also offer airdrop to attract more users on board. In addition, they can only offer to those that pass KYC/registration from an approved country or successfully download Nex extension and uses nash trading platform for a certain amount of trades. This will help the nash team to easily spread the word and gain more users.

(Peter) #36

Idea: Early Investors (pre-launch snapshot) to receive up to 100% of trade fees for staking. Once tokens are sold, they are no longer eligible for 100%.

(Vic9t) #37

Very good idea! Nash will have far more than 25% of the fees anyway, cuz I think most people will trade more than invest…

(Dead Pool 56) #38

Good ideas but air drop participants usually get the token, sell it as soon as they can and they move on to the next air drop campaign. From what I have read so far, Nash will offer a referral program instead which should bring more users to the platform.

(Crypto Valhalla) #39

Lastly, one platform with the idea of NUKE button fascinated me alot. suppose when the user believes its ath or the crypto is dropping from certain point the user can press the nuke button and all of their holding will be sold to stable coin. what do you think @carla @canesin @DeadPool_56

(Olu ) #40

Nuke it :rofl:

(Nick) #41

Yeah I was thinking about this as well. Would be badass!