Feedback thread: Bugs for Bitcoin protocol with MPC API keys

Hi everyone,

We have just deployed the second code version of our first Bitcoin protocol to the public testing sandbox environment.
We would love to hear about your experience with Bitcoin trading and our API keys in the sandbox!

If you are testing our API keys, click here for our TypeScript SDK. Examples of usage can be seen in the “integration-tests” folder of the above link.

The sandbox deployment is a testnet environment for testing API integration and the system as a whole. Accounts receive testnet funds on sign-up. Do not send real funds to the sandbox.

Please use this thread for general bugs. For security vulnerabilities contact us at: Do not use this thread for suggestions or ideas for improvements – we will open another dedicated thread on Monday.

When reporting bugs, please try to include any errors displayed in your browser console or on network calls (the “Network” tab when you open the console).

During this week, we will perform daily resets and deployments to the sandbox, with several UI and system improvements reaching this milestone. On every reset users testing the system will need to re-create their accounts.



In addition to @OmarMarchet, the BTC deposit is on pending status on the transfer tab whereas in the assets tab, BTC is in my personnal account.


Weird behavior of market order fill:

Even though orderbook is sufficiently deep to support a market order of my total BTC balance, when clicking on 100% it goes crazy and switches from 8895% to 126% to 79% and back…

EDIT: I realized there is a typo (missing “i”) in the error message “Insufficient BTC”
EDIT2: Also, as you can see the buy orderbook starts at the bottom because I’m on Mac (on Windows that bug is fixed).

  • Unable to cancel my order. Had to switch between tabs first

  • Orderbook is not refreshed after canceling my order. It is still there. Had to refresh my browser. (You cannot see it in this picture, but the order was confirmed cancelled)

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  • Why am I still a new user on this forum :no_mouth:

  • There are two NEO markets, but are not shown. The filtering seems to happen on quote assets only and not on the base assets.

  • All transfers were completed, but the icon in the top right corner was still spinning. Refreshing the page or switching between pages didn’t help.

When transferring Bitcoin:

“Max” button switches between 2 amounts, one of which shows an “Insufficient funds” error.

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I’ve just traded between 2 accounts on the BTC/ETH pair.

Account 1 just bought ETH using BTC.
Consequently account 2 just received some Bitcoins on its trading contract.

Right after this, when trying to send BTC from personnal to trading, I get the following error on both accounts:

Maybe this is intended behavior though and not a bug, but if so the link is not obvious to the user and this could definitely become an issue if it takes to long to confirm.

this function have a problem when it need to computes the quotient and the remainder regarding the order book.

For the case you have ETH and you sell ETH. compute % of that balance is easy.
when you have BTC & buy ETH: Compute % of BTC balance put it in “TOTAL” then computes “ETH Amount” regarding order book seems really weird. can be various reason.

have same problem to withdraw. from 1h+. Sandbox need a complete reset. trading contract too cuz i can i have a negative amount in trading contract.

yeah ive had the withdrawal from the contract hanging … and no reason not to release

@DarthThumbs the sandbox is unlocked. So it will allow trades even from places that cannot trade on the real exchange.

The Python SDK we currently have will be discontinued in favor of a future one based on MPC and websockets.


I just tried again. Everything goes as it should.

Tried generating an API key with addresses from another sandbox account. It rejects BTC address:

Not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s due to sandbox’s special BTC testnet.

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I think validation is done by the format of Bitcoin mainnet addresses. It should start with a 1, 3 or bc1. Also the length of the fake address is different. If you remove two characters and put a 1 in front of the address, it will accept it.


As @Crome said @Oldsport this is not a valid BTC address, BTC has 3 types of addresses, starting with 1: P2PKH, starting with 3: P2SH and starting with bc: Bech32. We perform addresses validations to try to safeguard the user from inserting the wrong addresses into it.

Maybe for sandbox we need to add 2: Testnet SH as well.

@fischdenflo in the initial picture it was cropped to me, you are correct so no issues there :sunglasses:.

I will clean the reports to make it more straightforward to follow.


Malik and I came across the following two bugs:

  1. From personal to trading all transfer go well, except for USDC. I can not select any wallet in its transfer tab.Schermafbeelding 2020-04-19 om 14.10.02

Malik was able to send but it did not go past the initializing phase. Probably connected to my bug.

  1. Transferring ETH back from trading account to personal is not possible because it shows a negative amount.
    Schermafbeelding 2020-04-19 om 14.12.16

@ImanvdMaas we are looking into it, It seems this is because on the new transfer flow we deffer to a background process to track and send transfers in proper order (instead of having the user to come back after a sync as we used to do for example). As I communicated before this is the frontend part of a two step final fix for transfers, instead of having the client tracking those in the short term we will have a backend process to do it.

So long story short: we are looking into this, could you try cleaning your local storage by clicking here this option in “More tools” > “Developer tools” and confirming it solves the issue ?


@canesin this fixed both issues for me! Both went through like a charm.