Feedback thread: UI and feature suggestions

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all the Community members who helped test Bitcoin trading and our API keys in the sandbox. We’re working on some final fixes and will deploy to production once these are ready.

Once these are live, we’ll still be making continuous improvements as usual.

Use this thread to offer feedback on user experience and make feature suggestions.
For bug reports, please use the original thread.



I’m used to when I click on a sell order (the selected red row), that it pre-fills the price + amount in the buy box. Now it only fills the price while I’d like to have the amount filled in as well.

This section is nice, but it doesn’t really add any value now. Would be better if it actually highlights something e.g. highest 24h volume or biggest gainer/loser. And then actually be clickable to go to that market because I find myself clicking on it all the time just to be remembered that it’s not a link :slight_smile:

The NEO-ETH box is still too wide which makes it unaligned with the Pro/Basic box above.

Also, I see that the toggle still inverted. Is there a reason for this? I raised this issue on the previous feedback round as well. All toggles on the web or mobile have the left side as OFF value and the right side as the ON value. Why not stick to the standards? So - Basic Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 14.19.35 Pro - would be the ‘correct’ way.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 14.02.23

Perhaps add an info hover box to give an explanation on what this does. I think ‘Maker only’ was a better version, but that’s just personal preference. If I wouldn’t know about Nash and didn’t know I could choose to be only a market maker and not a taker, I would’t understand that from the word post (I think).

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 14.02.13

Same info hover goes for the orange warning. I expect some clarity when hovering/clicking it but I’m not getting any feedback, so now I don’t know what it’s for.

Would be nice to see the real-time price of the active market just by looking at the tab. Switcheo and other exchanges have it as well.


The summary box now overlaps the recent trades on the right side which makes it really messy/chaotic. There is so much free space on the left side though, why now have it on that side?

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Love your last point! Definitely a must-have if you want traders to have a Nash tab opened at all times :raised_hands:

I’d go even further and say it needs to be updated in real time:


First of all, compliments for the progression and hard work!!!
I like how the exchange is looking and feeling :slight_smile:

One small point of feedback:

The funds tab has some nice space at the left side. I am missing that space at the trading tab. (the first time I thought I had to scroll to get overview, but I couldn’t create some space by scrolling or zooming)

Screenshot of funds: I like the space

Screenshot of trading: I am missing some space

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perhaps it’s too much of a overhaul and therefore costly, but i feel the personal page with the tabs portfolio, assets, transfers, contacts could be way better integrated into a single page. This saves space on screen and looks much better and attrractive, and also comes closer to a DEX experience.
Take a look at coinbase, bitpanda, coinmetro, how they do this.

I like coinmetro’s UI of the dashboard the most, so lets take a look.

And here is what can come from it when playing with it:

Cards can be put closer together perhaps. They can be clicked so a menu pops up below it and moves other cards down, that allows you to get buttons to withdraw the selected coin, deposit, trade it.
Ofcource in different colors and not an exact copy, but i really like a easy card interface that everyone understands and is easy to use, and shows everything in a easy way.

Vertical scroll bars are too thick. Making them thin can give more space to order book information and less white contrast if a trader is operating in night mode. Loving this new intuitive UI.


I have 2 image per post limit, i will post some imgur links instead.

1 - First things first, please, please(!), change the font to a more professional one (like Roboto), this font is really large, spaces between some characters are huge and especially numbers lack of readability, in certain cases they look deformed!
That font is ok for the website, but for an exchange where the most important thing is the clarity of the information and numbers it doesn’t!
Images below are an example with Roboto, i didn’t adjust any font-size or font-weight, but it looks a lot better than the current one.



2 - I think two top bars are just a waste of space, i would join them (they fit well with the right font).
I mean, isn’t it too much all that white space just for the Exchange and Markets buttons, considering that “Market” is quite redundant since we can click the pair to have the overlay with all the information with the exception of 1m/1w data?

Top Bar

3 - Fix the decimals everywhere, if a number is greater than 1.00 it should have 2 decimals, if it’s lower than 1.00 it should have 6 decimals.
This goes for the market pairs, the order book, recent trades, etc.
Bitcoin 24h volume is 74,135.87995209 USDC, how am i supposed to read that?

4 - Buy/Sell section feel like an old 90’s table with those borders and no margins.

It also lacks clarity, it looks like there are two placeholders for the input, $0.00 and 0, most of the users are going to click $0.00, and even if the input gets the focus it’s really counterintuitive.

I think the calculations should be done outside of the input fields or with an hover effect on the input, and the numbers in the input text should be aligned left.



Large numbers are cut out, we want whales to use Nash, do we?


yes, the font has noticed many. looks like my grandma wrote it with the typewriter

Hi, got some UI fixes.

  1. When your screen is small (happend on Chrome - Safari and Firefox on a macbook), the numbers on the tradingview are scaling to a strange size:

  2. On safari the Buy ETH and Sell Eth buttons are not aligned on the bottom.

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@Nathaniel Not a suggestion but having spent the last hour playing around with the exchange I can confidently say that the layout/design (particularly the light mode) is the most tasteful and elegant version I have seen anywhere, let alone crypto. A joy to use. Amazing work by all the designers at Nash.


Same feeling here. I was a bit afraid since we haven’t seen much of the new UI those last months. But the result is of impressive quality. People will acknowledge it eventually.

  1. The jumping tabs mouse game.
  2. Strobelight discocharts (dark / light flicker on every refresh )

Rally fun entertainment, but not so great during trading.


Here is an example of decimal distancing. After all, Its coronatimes for all species


Time in Force preference resets to default with each order submission

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i like default type order submission cuz average bob will always use this. for pro trader they will use api to trade.

Yes, but if someone has specifically changed the time in force manually, it would make more sense for it to stay like that until changed back

There is no BTC tab for pairs, not sure if this is just because it is initial testing, but it should be there :slight_smile:

Is there a “close all orders” on the orders exchange window ?