Exchange status - world map idea

I’ve seen quite a few posts asking about the status/availability of the exchange in different countries/regions. I think it would be a good idea for Nash to post an interactive world map on their website which would show the status of the exchange and the number of registered accounts in each country/state/province/etc. For example, the exchange is not yet available to Canadians, so if you were to hover your mouse over a Canadian province, it would show: “Exchange not currently active in this region. (Some comment as to what the team is working on for this province). Registered accounts: 114.” I think this would be a more efficient way for the team to inform the community about exchange status (as opposed to answering individual “wen” questions here and on twitter).


Love this idea!


Thanks. This is a very crude representation of what I’m envisioning. Of course, the real thing would be interactive and much more accurate, informative, and visually appealing.


It’s a useless waste of time.

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Care to explain? An idea gets 16 thumbs up from the community and that’s all you can contribute?


In the early life of a product, one should make the difference between:

  • primitives: core features, hard must-haves; your product will stumble until you have those.

  • enablers: secondary features, mostly nice-to-haves

Enablers can sometimes help spark interest in your product, but mostly you should be focused on primitives. For the time being, Nash should be solely focused on its primitives: trading experience, trading pairs, transfers, security, API keys, fiat on-ramps, etc. This is why…

…are great community contributions, but should not even be considered for now.

Being a product manager by trade, I am very sensitive to the question of prioritization, so I can understand @kazanchev’s reaction. However being in a community, we should welcome all contributions and trust Nash team to stay focused on truly important features (primitives!).


We still don’t have a fix for the basic transfer issue. And you guys want some infographic BS that brings NOTHING to the current goals.
Here’s the map of the current situation: TRANSFERS HAVE BEEN STUCK FOR DAYS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Perfect explanation.

Much more informative than what you said before :innocent: