Exchange/Funds Management Store for Nash

Nash Exchange Store Idea

Thinking about UI changes and additional features for the exchange I came up with the idea of something like an open theme/addon store for Nash. Since more functionality for Nash is being expected new users might be overwhelmed with a fully loaded exchange interface.

How could it work:

Developers/the team create addons for Nash Exchange like new themes or addons with additional functionality. For example, additional funds management tools, just a customized UI or a simple bot interface to set up bots for nash.

Maybe anyone remembers the good old World Of Warcraft times in which you could simply customize your interface with free/paid addons for the game from the web. That’s what I am thinking about.

Some more thoughts:

In this way, Nash could keep the functionality of the exchange very simple and not loaded with a lot of functionality. Whether a user likes to add different functionality he can start exploring the exchange store to add some more features for this trading experience.

Developers will be able to monetize their work and provide more products for the Nash (swag) Store.

Besides the fact that Nash Pay gets an additional use case, developers and users have the possibility to further customize the exchange to overall strengthen the Lock In Effect for the exchange. People will have more points to talk about and nash is one step closer to become an open exchange ecosystem.


i think an UI that can be altered a bit by the user (swap around windows and menu’s) would be great, but paid plugins and themes…meh. Don’t think people would pay for this, and nash simply need a interface that everyone can understand and learn.


We have 3 users and you want people to pay for plugins. That’s nonsense.

Just thought a bit about this idea. I think it is awesome, just the part about buying stuff is meh.

For example:
Back in the old days of world of warcraft there was an addon called “snowfallkeypress”. The game without the addon triggered skills after a key on your keyboard was pressed and released. With the addon the skill triggered immediately when the key was pressed. In further expansions world of warcraft built in this feature by itself, because they realized it make much more sense this way.

When I take this over to nash I can imagine similar stuff can happen. For example a user holds some ethereum and want to use it with compound. Nash doesn’t support interactions with the compound protocol. The user is technical at a good level and implements a way how to interact with the compound protocol. If he wants to he can share this addon with the community and all of the sudden everyone from nash is able to interact with the compound protocol.
There can be a list like with the whole market indicators, where such plugins are placed. And users can pick out the ones they want to use.

Big problem: security and fraud, nash need to open its platform for developments of those kind

We already have Pro and Basic modes. Guys, what are you talking about? Why?

Think about an AppStore for interaction with defi protocols from your nash account
Has nothing to do with pro and basic modes

Didn’t hear about Nash AppStore plans… You guys are dreaming about something that has nothing to do with the current goals. Maybe in 10 years…

Well the mentioning of AppStore was just an analogy how it can look like.
What nash said is that they are a platform with several products and they have a heart for developers.

I see a platform as something where you can build on. An example would be the maker bot as wells as nash pay that leverage the existing product of fiat ramps, fund management and the non custodial exchange.

The maker bot is something that isn’t reachable within nash itself. You have to run the bot on your own. But there can be smaller and easier stuff like staking coins on a chain, or lending protocols, … This small stuff for example can be built from people outside from nash. Running several of this small stuff by your own can be annoying. It would be better to use them directly from within the nash page.

That is what I’m thinking about. I do not know if this was the intend from @bhawani at opening this thread.

Let’s not lose sight of Nash’s business model: providing users with the best trading/finance experience so that they bring volume to the matching engine. Simple as that. Anything else at this stage should be considered as a risk to lose focus - noise.

Providing a framework for community contributions can look like an appealing idea, but the amount of work it would require is disproportionately high compared to the potential impact on volume.

This however is I believe among the team’s plans, as written in the TO-DO list on this page. It makes sense because it is completely aligned with the above mentioned business model: more bots mean more volume.

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custum ui may be a little too much.
as already described, there is already an expert and a beginner mode. what you could possibly think about (in expert mode) would be a completely freely configurable workstation like in the adope applications (photshop). then you can arrange windows as you like and adjust / hide and show them. But a stock exchange is not that extensive, would be more gimmick.

Considering we are still in MVP stage, at first, this idea seems a bit like overcomplicating things. What I do like about this however, is the fact that it might allow to quantify interest in features and contribute to validated learning.

  • If Nash had a preference page on which you could toggle on/off features; which ones would you turn off ? Which one you think the overwhelmed users would turn off ?
  • What addon would you build/request for funds management ?
  • Why would you rather like to change things on Nash, instead of looking for an alternative platform (Why you like it)?

Also like the idea of having a developer community leveraging Nash services.
API’s are a typical way to achieve extensibility, but Nash also has this marketplace-vision (buy/sell partners). In that regard, I fantasize Nash releasing developer documentation and design systems for building native Nash-apps in the future. (In my view, TS just upvoted the marketplace-vision ?)

As a side-note: If there was big interest in additional or less features before any native support , I think this would quickly reflect in the Chrome Web Store. You can already build a chrome extension to modify the UI (and interact with the account?) if you want to.

Some more (old) perspective: Facebook was founded in 2004, and launched its App Center in 2012. Between this time they launched mobile support in 2007 and they opened up the platform for developers (API) in 2010. => It took them 2 years to go from API to an open App Center. (with around 4000 employees working for the company)

“Nash app store” = Nash getting kicked off Apple app store :thinking: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

unless nifty moves from Legal / correct me if wrong

brain-storming doesnt hurt tho… im the worst for this :slight_smile:

Yes to the Bots … but interested to see 0x (ZRX) listed … hmm some liquidity there perhaps ?

“0x API, that can additionally help developers get quicker access to liquidity found on 0x, Kyber, Uniswap and Oasis. Under the hood, 0x API utilizes smart order routing to split up orders and fill them through a combination of both off and on-chain DEX liquidity sources to ensure we get the best price on every trade”
-medium post

to be honest i dont see why we could’nt cut a deal to sort out their cross chain liquidity … WBTC is less than ideal (spit-balling)

if we’re hooked up to their liquidity thru their APIs why cant their exchanges in-turn “hook up” to Nash contracts to conduct BTC trades … without this wrapped nonsense ?

Edit … wed have to hook them up with some NASH addresses … off chain channels … compatible… etc etc

Well I see your points. Maybe I’m just looking at it from a longer time perspective. Bringing volume to the matching engine, we are in MVP stage and a stock exchange is not that extensive are in my opinion arguments from a shorter time perspective (up to 3 years). All these arguments are based on facts how nash looks like now.

But how will it look like in 5 to 7 or even 10 years? Nash has the vision of serving 1 billion people in 2030, nash want to be the go to point, if you are handling your personal finances. Handling your personal finances aim far further than trading coins on an exchange or managing payments through the platform. For me this also includes managing taxes, getting loans, interacting with other services and stuff I can’t even think of.

Overall I just want to say, even if an idea sounds curious or not relevant in the actual state of nash, do not argument against it from a time perspective or needed resources. Here it is just brainstorming and generating ideas. It is not about thinking about how many resources do we need. This is something that happens in a later step. (stage-gate-process)

This example show perfectly that creating such an environment is not done fast. In 2008 the first app store from apple appeared and was successful. Meaning it was a pretty new development in these times. In other words, if nash want to have an app store in 2022, they have to start their plans in 2020. (just an assumption based on the facebook example)