Exchange feature/idea

Would like to share an idea I had that could be implemented as part of the simplified exchange/funds management feature for novice users. Basically the feature is a simple portfolio rebalancing function for more ‘basic’ users. I haven’t seen anyone else with this feature, so as far as I’m aware, it’s an original idea.

Funds are displayed as sliders with dollar values.
Top right; available balance of $40 (USDC) is additional funds deposited for the purpose of trading/investing.

The light coloured area on each slider shows the maximum $40 worth of purchases that the user can make. So say a user starts (Fig 1), and would like more NEX, all they have to do is move the NEX slider to the right.

As they do so, you can see that the light coloured area on all the sliders, has shortened (Fig 2), placing a limit on how much of the other assets they can purchase (as they have already allocated $30 out of $40).

Once they press ‘Rebalance’ and sign the transaction, a market order for $30 will be placed and filled.


Fig 3 shows how reducing position in BTC can free up more funds to be reallocated somewhere else. A user can basically ‘edit’ their holdings in a very simple way, making many adjustments and pressing rebalance once, all without having to place trades (yet the system is placing many trades on their behalf). The ‘pie chart’ in the top left updates as the percentages change, giving the user clear feedback.


  • All trades are executed against USDC - e.g. rebalancing NEX for NEO would result in a NEX/USDC sell followed by a NEO/USDC buy
  • Orders should be composite orders made up of 2 or more market orders that are executed conditionally, where all trades must be executed at a given price or the entire order is cancelled
  • Limit orders vs market orders: Limit orders - no slippage but may take time to fill (my not fill at all). Market orders - immediate fill but risk of slippage
  • Liquidity: this function should only be available on coins with excellent liquidity for obvious reasons
  • Risks when rebalancing lots of different assets in 1 transaction - would be easy to overcome in a CEX but much more challenging here
  • Perhaps limit to maximum 3 assets at a time - minimises number of trades

Even if just keeping to 2 assets at a time would still be fairly intuitive as an interface for beginners to move 2 sliders instead of making 2-3 separate trades**


I only have 5 words for this: yes yes yes yes yeeessss.



Nice post; very well articulated (with the graphs)


Loving this idea!


I think this is excellent idea :slight_smile: and very well presented. It should give very good visual presentation how user can build up his portfolio. Only thing that i concern of is complexity if user have 10 or more tokens to re-balance because of the long list. It could go much further and let user to save his investment plan for future usage (for example 30% BTC,30% NEX,20% ETH,20% NEO)

Great idea for sure