Copy trading

Anyone here tried social trading before? I use a platform where people can trade stocks by copying other people with good results. Basically, you can see the top traders on the platform and copy their trades. It’s automatic and executes immediately once the top trader makes a trade based on your funds allocated per trade. I don’t know the legalities of this but it will be a nice addition sometime in the future.

9 Likes will have that, I guess once NASH is live it would be a problem for 'em to do it. has a working product now, Well same as the above if nash would be big enough …

all those copy trading platforms would likely add NASH API.

Genesis Vision (GVT) is also something like that.

eToro has a similar one but its for crypto solely. is now at public beta, If you know C# you can go and check it out !

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yeah im sure this would bring more trade volume … def should be in the pipeline

Sounds like a signal subscription of sorts, can be simple with api calls.

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here ya go guys … been done

I wonder … is there a way to allow NASH token holders to contribute to a liquidity pool ? and earn additional fees that would otherwise go to 3rd parties ?

lets say i want to contribute a % of my rewards back to a pool lets say ETH/USD … there’s high demand for ETH …then NASH can draw down from the ETH pool


providing liquidity Via Dapis and Bots im taking additional market risk

Yeah I already introduced it here :slight_smile:

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Whats the team take on this?

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well done … missed it

We like it, but this is like a whole new startup :stuck_out_tongue: … I think there is also another way to do this, that is safer and easier to do being non-custodial. We will do this other thing instead.


I was keen on a Moloch type DAO … and having not transferable NFT’s tokens creating subgroups or sub mutual funds depending on what the person was keen on / risk tolerance


you could just offer a basket… a one click “buy % of this and this coin”

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