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This feature isn’t the sexiest one but it’s necessary. When trading large volumes, having an accurate transaction history is vital for good accounting and compliance with tax laws. I have been using crypto exchanges for a number of years and despite having a separate accountant just for crypto it’s always a headache getting everything standardised and figuring out which transactions are missing. An acquaintance of mine who used OKEx heavily was recently audited by his local tax authorities when they found discrepancies in his data - due to timezone and rounding errors he had made a more significant gain than initially thought and now owed more tax. This is clearly not his fault as he just used the data supplied to him.

Every exchange does this differently, and Nash has an opportunity to once again be better than the rest. If NASH PAY becomes widely used, some countries may still count crypto spends as taxable events - meaning that the everyday user (not only traders) will need a comprehensive transaction history in those jurisdictions.

I have included some of my thoughts from 3 commonly used SPOT crypto exchanges:

Coinbase pro:


  • able to select a date range
  • able to export data for 1 particular asset
  • times are in UTC which helps with standardisation across multiple exchanges
  • able to choose between csv and pdf


  • unable to export entire history in 1 click
  • no preview - unable to check if the transactions you’re looking for are included in the date range selected
  • clunky download process - once generated, instead of auto-downloading, a link is sent to your email which then takes you to a temporary site where you can click ‘download’ - this link expires after 5 calendar days



  • immediate download
  • able to select a date range
  • exported times on the xls file are in UTC, however times shown on the exchange are displayed as local time. There is no indication to the user what any of the timezones are and this makes it not only confusing but inaccurate.


  • no file format choice
  • no filtering by asset
  • arbitrary imposed limit of 3 month date range - makes exporting years worth of history a nightmare
  • API import is incomplete: does not include dust-BNB conversions or GAS/ONG airdrops



  • destination address and tx hash in exported data


  • times are all over the place - deposits and withdrawals are UTC whilst trades are local time or PST!
  • no filtering by asset or date range
  • API import is useless in to many ways to list

Ideas for Nash

This feature would probably be best somewhere under ‘My Profile’, maybe under a new area titled ‘My History’ or ‘My Transactions’. Keeping export functions separate from the ‘Orders’ and ‘Transfers’ tabs would keep UI clean -
and provide users with 1 area where they can export all data

  • Allowing for read-only API access would be best
  • API should import all data in UTC - dividends, deposits, withdrawals, trades, gas claims, airdrops etc
  • Make dividend, deposit, withdrawal and trade history exportable to .csv, .pdf .xls
  • Consistent time zone used, make it clear which time zone the data is in. UTC is best.
  • Allow live filtering by date and asset
  • Allow 1 click export of everything in 1 go
  • Direct download - no links
  • Include data such as tx hash and destination/origin address for deposits and withdrawals

@canesin @fabwa


Here is a mockup of what this could look like:


I would like to push this up.

I think we can all agree good volume will come rather from big traders (and possibly institutions) than from a great number of small players, especially at first.

Serious traders require certain tools to even start thinking about trading on Nash.

I couldn’t make a better analysis than @elliptic.curve did. Just wanted to re-emphasize his points:

Absolute must-haves:

  • Adding seconds to the timestamp displayed in the Trades sub-tab
  • Adding an export feature - if possible with some format choices - from the Trades sub-tab:

Should follow quickly:

  • Exporting capabilities through an API - best with advanced filters options

For more insights, read @elliptic.curve’s post.

I’m sure the team already has this in mind, but it never hurts to be reminded :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: Seconds have been as part of the new UI (in sandbox only for now) :ok_hand:

Hopefully other features of this thread will follow!


For those who may have missed it from the UI feedback thread, an export feature has appeared on the Trade history tab:

Here’s what the export looks like in Excel after hardly any editing:



Unfortunately partially filled orders are not included in the data. E.g. for partially filled orders (ongoing or completed) partial execution relating to that order is not visible in trade history or in the data export.


Thanks for reporting this. Have passed it on to the developers.


We’ve looked into this and it appears there may be some mistake on your part. The partially filled part of the order should appear in your trade history, and also the CSV file. The unfilled part will not be visible in trade history (since no trade has taken place yet). Could you please check one more time?

I made sure to double check before submitting this feedback so I am certain the data is missing. I was not referring to the unfilled portion of the trade, only the filled. I have just checked again and the issue is still there. Luckily I have only placed a few hundred trades, so finding this was relatively straightforward.

Worth mentioning that I have re-exported the data again and noticed something else: duplicate entries

Unfortunately, I cannot understand this mistake by you either. I have all trades.

Could you confirm that you can see the filled portion of the order in your trade history? And then it fails to show in the CSV file?

If the trades are in your trade history, they should be in your CSV file. Could you send us screenshots of the trade history and the file?

Here is the screenshot of order history:

Here is a screenshot of the trade history:

Here is the exported data:

You can see the last trade placed on April 1st was in fact an order for ETH/USDC which was partially filled (9%). However the trade history and the exported data shows the last trade being placed on April 1st as one for BTC/USDC

Here I have highlighted 2 examples of duplicate entries:

Thanks for the shots. We’re looking into both issues.

Did you post the full trade and order history? Does the partial 9% fill show up anywhere in the trade history (as one or multiple trades)? Order history and trade history won’t always match date/time, since an order could be placed on the book long before it executes (partially or not).

So, we need to know if the ETH/USDC trades that account for the 9% fill are somehow not showing up in your trade history. But they may not be on the same day.

Duplication issue is likely separate.

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It does not. I have checked the entire history.