Current State of Affairs: User Experience

The user experience is horrible at the moment, while trading the constant requests to re-enter my password and 2fa, having to send coins back and forth b/w main and trading accounts along with several Gas failures, it is one of the worst irritating exchange experiences I have ever had.

For an experienced trader its frustrating but for a new comer its prohibitive. There is along way to go before, as an investor, I could recommend it to anyone, let alone to someone new to crypto.


I think you’re right. I’m already annoyed to go to the side to extend my stakes. Constantly you have to re-enter your password and 2FA. Either after a few minutes or as soon as you reload the page.

I only use the mobile app if I absolutely have to. Because to quickly check your account it is not useful because you have to look for your 2FA code again and again. I wonder if it is not possible to use the app opening purely with Face ID and only if I really want to transfer something I am asked for a 2FA code.

I have to honestly say that I am just disappointed with the current status. Not just because of 2FA. Just everything. Even if BTC comes next month, I always wonder if that’s the speed to list a new coin. I can still remember that there was talk of new coins coming every week. You can only laugh about such statements now … :no_mouth:


I agree that the 2FA delay should be extended by default. For the exchange as well as the app. :+1:

I know for a fact that they’re hearing our feedback on this issue. But put this among hundreds of other minor issues and it’s hard to tackle everything at once. I trust their judgement to prioritize as best as possible.

I don’t understand what you mean there. Either you’re trading and your funds are in orders, or you’re not and you should send them back to your funds manager. To my knowledge, there isn’t any unnecessary transfers.


I use an iphone and ones i copy past my 2fa only ones I can login with face id So days even weeks of use with one time 2fa is possible. Just for login

Is it new? I test it now…

Goto Settings and click Security and enable it there

I already did. Still asked for the 2FA every time. I am currently testing.

Just retried as well. It’s working for me on Androïd (I didn’t have to reput my 2FA).

Nice :ok_hand:

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But then that’s definitely new. I tried it a few weeks ago and it definitely didn’t work.

It currently works for me too. Let’s see how long. I keep testing …

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I said the function had to be new. :wink:


I’ve yet to experience any gas failures, but I do cuss whenever I’m prompted to enter the password/2FA when trying to execute a trade; it surprises me almost every time (it feels like an “annoying pop-up” which may even disrupt a time-sensitive trade for somebody one day; so keeping that menu greyed out and requiring the user to enter password/2FA, before allowing them to input numbers and click buy/sell, would probably feel less obstructive?).

I don’t think I’ve cussed yet while having to enter the password/2FA for personal/trading wallet transfers (and I think that occurs far more often), but anything unexpected that prevents a user’s task from being promptly executed may elicit frustration. Also it may just be me, but the fewer number of times that I have to type out my password, the safer I feel.

Other than that, my experience has been a generally positive one so far. The staking statement page is nice and organized. The exchange does feel a little bare-bones in terms of UI/UX (absence of sfx/animation/images/etc. which aren’t necessary and may or may not come later). Of course it’s purely subjective, but out of every (de)centralized exchange that I’ve tried thus far, I’ve liked Switcheo/ShapeShift the most from a UI/UX standpoint; binance feels like a cluttered disgusting mess imo, and using Nash has been an infinitely more pleasant experience over binance.

One gripe that I do have is the inactivity/time-out. I like to keep charts open on 2nd/3rd monitor while doing other things on the primary monitor for several hours, and I’ve had to hit the ‘stay logged-in’ button dozens of times. While I’m not actively trading atm, I probably will be later if volume and listings increase.


Looks like the new update fixed this. There’s no longer a requirement to constantly input 2FA every time you open the app.

Log in experience on the app is amazing now. It looks like 2FA is only required once or once every 14 days based on the recent app update.

@canesin I think there should be another prompt for password/fingerprint/2fa when sending funds. I just tested this and it allowed me to send some btc without a second security prompt.


agreed. sending funds should authentication again.

Look at the right side of the screen.
Do we really need 3 CTA to “Sign in” or “Create an account”?
Also, I think the order book and recent trades deserve more space.


Something wrong with your UI. Actually it’s your fault. You’ve set scale to 125%

Moreover, bottom right CTAs appear only on hover :smirk:
Seems about right.

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My point still stands and the current UX design doesn’t seem right to me. Call me minimalist but I believe that 3 CTAs (yes, one of them is on hover) are not necessary and that space should be used to display other trading functionalities or expand the most important ones.

This UI will be replaced and you know it. Why do you even raise this question?

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