Community based marketing efforts

In preparation for Nash League so far I have written dozens of posts, topics, comments, even some small articles, contacted various YouTubers, etc. I have also reached out to the crypto community in my own country and got a better response than I expected.

Here we can discuss our marketing efforts that we as a community are working on so write about the platforms you are active on, who are you reaching out to, did you get a reply from a VIP or an influencer - share a screenshot and let us know!

Let’s support each others effort (retweets, likes, upvotes) and do our best to kick start Nash products and promotions!


Saw this discussion on Reddit, can someone please drop in regarding the issue of state channels;

Can we get Michael of Boxmining to promote Nash and compete in Nash League in Team Boxmining?

I already emailed him, please contact him on other platforms;

Even though /r/Ethereum will have less intense rules than /r/cryptocurrency, I’d suggest not posting these reddit links anyways. Mods know when users are flooding in from a specific source, and they don’t like it.


Sorry @pplvee, I didn’t think people from this community would storm the topic so that a couple of logins from here would not be an issue.

Sadly the post is already deleted :confused:


Nice find!

Guys with Twitter accounts, let’s upvote this to infinity!


Another thing guys;

all of us know and/or interacts with various e-commerce businesses almost daily. For instance, my company collaborates with 2 webshops, one is oriented toward marketing and sales of our products and services are sold and promoted there (it is a platform with over 1M users) and the other one is our supplier. I recommended Nash Link to both of them. Since we are their customers for years we developed very good relationships based on trust and mutual benefit. My recommendations are worth much more than any sales person argument since even the best sales guy in the world starts a new business relationship from 0 trust, from scratch.

Use your current partners, your friends that have e-commerce businesses (or standard business that could expand their payment method to cover crypto), think about people and companies in your life who would benefit from Nash Link. The best thing is, you are not selling anything to them, you are merely suggesting an additional payment method. If only 100 people from this community find 1 e-commerce business, that’s already 100 partners for Nash Link. We have the power to move this thing!


My only problem in doing this is that I don’t know how this integration works.

Would be great to have educational videos with details and answers to the most common questions that people might have.

My limited knowledge about Nash is the biggest problem.
Any source of information that explains how Nash Link works? ( in details)

Thank you


The links provided by @pplvee are on point.

To ELI5 what integrating Nash Link means. There are 2 parts:

Sign up as a merchant

  • Create a Nash Link account on
  • Complete registration by going through KYC and bank account steps

Integrate Nash Link into your online store

  • If you are using an e-commerce framework (Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento 2…), this step is pretty much like installing an app on your phone: you install a “module” on your site’s administration tool
  • If your online store is custom-built, you will need to use one of Nash’s SDKs: this requires more technical skills but if you have such a site it’s likely you have technical people with you. An SDK helps you install the required code on your site easily.
  • In both cases, you will need to generate a key from 1 in sanbox for testing purposes, 1 in production once you’re ready for go live


Thanks for your explanation.

I think Nash should do a proper setup guide in a form of a video that we could send to our contacts.



Crypto Lark mentions Nash in his video!!

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Like, retweet, comment;


Vote Nex!


Wouldn’t it make sense to retweat this on the nash twitter channel and ask the 68T Followers to vote for nash?!

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Nash twitter account was tagged dozens of times about this so it is impossible they haven’t noticed it. It seems their practice is not to officialy endorse those voting calls.