As much as people might dislike reddit – specifically a certain cryptocurrency-related subreddit – it remains one of the platforms with the largest userbase for discussing blockchain and crypto-related projects (1.1M+ subscribers). The mods have established pretty stringent rules though, and it seems as though Nash is now enemy #1 (or 2, or 3, or 100 lol). Here are some friendly reminders of the community’s main rules and how they relate to Nash if you’re going to participate on reddit:


Rule II - Spam

Referral links fall under this category – and they are strict with it. Users caught posting referral links are subject to a long-term or even permanent ban (this even includes “PM me for referral” comments).

Rule III - Manipulation

“No pumping, shilling, or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).”

So, they can pretty much decide themselves what is considered shilling or pumping. Nash was recently involved in a Daily Discussion thread initiated by a non-mod, non-Nash reddit subscriber. The whole post was filled with what the mods I’m sure construed as shilling so it was removed. For the record, even the HEX Daily Discussion wasn’t removed. That’s a testament to our veracity haha, but not the best for our credibility. If you see a discussion involving Nash, look and see what has already been said and maybe take a step back from participating. The thread in question read more as a vomit of facts, and less as a discussion.

“Astroturfing, brigading, and all forms of manipulation are against the subreddit and site-wide rules. You cannot link to r/Cryptocurrency posts or comments from outside communities…Please note that simply linking a reddit post is an implicit solicitation of votes”

Stop. Sharing. reddit. Links.

They can see where users are coming from and as soon as they see it’s from a single source (or anywhere outside reddit for that matter), the thread is closed. Not only that, but if a project is caught brigading, the mods state they will blacklist the project for three months. Love it or hate it, they’re the rules and we’re better off working with them than fighting it.


The rules are strict, but they need to be for a community with >1M subs. Let’s do our best to encourage discussion, rather than list all the reasons everyone should drop everything and research Nash products. Like many have said, having a presence on reddit isn’t required, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt – as long as we play the game according to the rules.


What actually happened again and again and again for the last 2 years

I feel compelled to comment seeing my comment from the reddit post above. I admittedly had just woke up and refreshed the Nash Exchange discussion only to find it was deleted. I then checked the Nash subreddit and seen the post linking to the discussion on the cryptocurrency subreddit. I commented that the Nash Exchange discussion post was now deleted and assumed it was being censored as has been my and others personal experiences over the last number of years. However joenorwood77 has updated the post on the Nash subreddit that he confirmed with a mod it was that post on the Nash subreddit that caused the post to be deleted in the first place. It breaks their brigading rules. It’s a bit stretch in my opinion to call it brigading when the post on the cryptocurrency subreddit had over 100 upvotes and the post about it on the Nash subreddit only had a few upvotes. Perhaps it was also shared elsewhere but I don’t know. Whatever the case, I do agree with what OP says above, we shouldn’t be sharing reddit links, it breaks the rules, plain and simple.