Brainstorming Nash Link ideas

Hi all,

Let’s use this thread as an archive for various Nash Link (ex Nash Pay) ideas.

One of the ideas I had in mind was to use Nash Link as payment for public transport. Trams, buses, metros, could support Nash Link for quick payment via phone. There would be stickers of Nash (a quick tutorial with 2 steps on how to register on Nash) all over the stations and inside the vehicle you are travelling with. You could contact hundreds of cities and I am certain many of them would be open to this idea.

Long distance travel, hotel bookings, various webshop are common idea and I believe Nash guys (Kellogg Fairbanks and his colleagues) are already reaching out to.

Let’s hear some original suggestions for Nash Link so we help the team with some fresh ideas!


Payment of electric car stations (cooperation with car manufacturers, energy companies, cities and counties…), parking payment… Parking industry is huge!


Secondhand market: sell your stuff for BTC…


Nash should reach out to OnlyFans. No, really, it is a billion dollar company and geeks are the best possible audience for embracing crypto!






Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe…


So bullish if they get added on OnlyFans


I realize Nash team often hangs out on Telegram and I don’t use that platform so can someone please make sure Kellogg Fairbanks sees this topic? I think it would be useful for him to check this topic every now and then since our community can come up with some worthwile ideas/suggestions.

I tried to DM him on Twitter but his profile has disabled DMs.

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Don’t worry mate, the Nash staff monitor the forums more often than telegram I would say! This thread will definitely be on their radar! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea on the Kickstarter platforms as well! :+1:

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well “steam”, they once had crypto inside but because of the price fluctuations it was taken out again. nash link solves the problem

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Kellogg Fairbank confirmed they are already reaching out to Steam


Mr Beast is a YouTuber that has 50 million subscribers and 8.7 mil followers on Twitter. His videos are about various challenges and he often does this warm-hearted content as well. He has a webshop with his merchandise and Nash Link could be used for crypto payments. If he would tweet about his store accepting crypto, the amount of Nash exposure would be through the roof!

He is an American, so I’m not sure that Nash Link could be used for this region but his UK/EU customers could use it.

So, how about targeting the webshop of such YouTubers or other celebs not so much for the volume but for infinite marketing exposure?


It is not the customers that have to be in EU/UK but is the webshop/merchant that has to be in the EU/UK.

A merchant in EU/UK accepting bitcoin by using Nash Link can have its customers from anywhere in the world.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I hope Nash reaches to celebrities with webshops in EU/UK. Having one major name would start the avalanche!

what about twitch and other streaming platforms tip bots?
I imagine streamer will promote using nashlink unless they get a better offer from existing providers than 0% fee!!

a QR code that allow you to send a tx and attach a message with it.

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Absolutely. Contact your favorite streamers, let them know about Nash Link in 2-3 sentences so you get their interest. Community has done some great stuff tech wise (particularly in terms of bots), let’s also onboard some potential customers. If you need some support in terms (likeing or upvoting your post) let us know in this topic;

there is api integration details. i dont know if NashLink works with streaming out of t he box. does anyone know if there is something designed for tip bots? I mean, you need the message put on the screen. some play a sound when they get a tip etc…

That’s too technical for me buddy, hopefully someone will pitch in.

I summon thee @Oldsport :grin:

Hey guys,

It wouldn’t have to be integrated into a bot. The simplest way would be adding a “Donate with NashLink” button below the stream: many streamers do this with a “Donate” Paypal button embedded in their page. I don’t think such a widget exists for NashLink yet. Of course, it could be built using the available SDKs, but maybe NashLink Invoices will offer a way to allow such a use case: for instance by adding a QR code on your page indeed. The question however is whether Nash Link Invoices will be flexible enough from the start to enable the payer (donator in this case) to customize the amount he wants to pay.


operator of a dropshipping shop. they need a reliable and, above all, affordable payment provider. In addition, the immediate receipt of payment is a great advantage in the business model