600 users!

Great to see the community growing so fast. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll look back on this post and appreciate how early I was in being involved with this amazing venture.

Some day we’ll have 1 Billion users on this platform and its going to be amazing!

Keep it up Nash team.
The Worlds Watching!
:nash_n: :nash_token: :nash:

@fabwa @canesin @ethan @LucianoEngel @localhuman / @Nathaniel @clare @carla and to all their teams (too many to tag).


600 is not a lot in compare with Binance or other big exchanges. How can we help Nash, to grow the users of Nash? Not followers, but users on the community platform?

I mean, Nash has 67.843 followers on Twitter

Why is not coming 10% to here? It’s now nearly 1%… Where are all that people?

If 10% (6.700) of the Twitter followers come (sign up) to the Nash Community Platform, it will give some extra Trust! to the Nash Exchange.

Maybe an advertisement on Twitter, for signing up at the Nash Community Platform?
@clare @canesin


We will definitely need a real Nash telegram group. Lets forget about FUDders. Nash product will speak for itself. So we better go for Mass adoption through telegram or remain tangle on one spot as we have been doing.

For me this community if great but i dont thing we will grow exponentially with this community. The condition given to have atleast one NEX to join this community for me is what is hindering this community from growing since there is no official nash exchange to buy nash yet. Where will people get 1 NEX to join the community since we all know all exchanges trading nash now are unofficial exchangers.

I don’t agree!! Their is an unofficial Telegram Group for people who want to discuss for fun and people who want to say ‘when moon?’ & ‘when Nash $ 100?’, and the real discussing can he done here on this website.


That could in fact be an issue.

Right now we have ~ 14000 Nex-Adresses. (Neo tracker)

So we couldn’t even come close to the 67k subs that Nex has as followers.

Of these 14k users, the top 2k users have at least 1.7k Nex.
(Wich is interesting because each of these 14k users could have 1.7k so all Nex would be equally distributed)
But the vast mayority has less than 1k nex (Basically everyone from 2600 upward).

In case you have only so “little” invested, the Nex sub might not be worth paying attention to, especially when you have the majority of your investment in other areas like Bitcoin.

The Nex-“Saturation” is actually really good. You have like a 100 users that have like 1 000 000 - 30k Nex, than you have a big user base with around 10k nex and an even greater base with 1k Nex.

Compared to Bitcoin where you have people with 1000 BTC and more and a base where even 1btc is not really reached, the Nex-holders are quite balanced.

I see Binance and Nash in Comparison as the Cub(Nash) and the kitten(Binance), I think you know the result after one year,hahahaaaha the Lion and Cat!!


There is No way CEXes are going to survive, something is coming tha will trigger traffic to DEX, and the market will decide. by the way, the market has already decided, but they are just not comfortable with the currently available DEXes. When they taste and See Nash, and as Nash continues to add more Pairs, the growth will be tremendous.


People are lazy; signing up for this website is a lot more time consuming than a simple follow on twitter. Despite following Nash since the very beginning, it took me like 2 months to be bothered to make an account. Also the fact that one can’t write posts/like on this site from mobile means that engagement is much lower than it should be; I cant even remember the last time I checked reddit or twitter from a desktop machine. Activity should pick up once the mobile app is released.


I think to the point of Exchange launch, it is better to have 600 people who discuss concrete topics and share the proven answer to the public. I even looked at Nash Telegram group, it is about 200 to 500 who are actively only in each day

Yeah I agree that the apps are much needed. I very rarely use my laptop, only when absolutely necessary. There is a way to use mobile fully right now after signing up via desktop, and many are, but not ideal of course.

How? Is this by clicking the activation link in the email?

Yeah but if already signed up, change your email address on here and you’ll receive an email to confirm the change. Click the link on your phone and it should log you in

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Like you says here guys, ppl are too lazy as me :smiley: after 1 mounth reading I want reply for some topic and create account (but it was too hard - 4times error et send 1 NEX to NEXextension etc…) But today same problem I want log to forum from my work, but I can’t because that need NEXextension and I don’t want instal it to my work computer

In my opinion, it’s better to have a small group on this site at least in the early stages to help with product launch and report product improvements etc. Having 55K people here means the team will have to spend more time on this discussion board than working on the actual product. I think once the exchange launches, people will join as time moves on. Hopefully, there are more helping hands by that time to answer questions. Gradual growth, in my opinion, is better than a fast one.


I like how founders decided you need to have atleast one nex to sign up for community that saves lot of hassles from fudsters and also if some one is really interested in nash he can check the community posts and if he is really interested to know about project than i think that person will definetly invest one nex to clear his doubts. Instead of spam persons asking all non sense questions.

A while a go, people were suggesting a staking donation function.
We already have 600 users who each staked 1 NEX to join this community.
I’m expecting this number to rise rapidly so maybe we can just use this 1 NEX every person donated to have a community fund. The dividends this could return on the long run could be quite significant.

“That’s just my 1 NEX”:wink:

Currently, to register an account you need to own 1 NEX, you don’t have to stake or donate it.

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Ahhh my bad! … you’re right, just showed we owned it.
Guess that plan doesn’t work then :sweat_smile:

Yeah you only need 1 :nash_token: during registration. You can then even login with an empty wallet.

@Trust_Yourselves I’m happy to be a part of such an amazing community. It’s going to be a lot bigger some day. :slight_smile: