[SUGGESTION] Accessing The Community From Mobile Devices

I have repeatedly been having trouble accessing this forum from my mobile devices but to know avail. Even from my Firefox browser from PC, the login link will not be available except I am on chrome and logged into the extension.

Is there no way NASH team can make it possible to login into this community with our already created username and password while first trying to create an account via the extension for subsequent login?

Cos the idea of always being on PC before I can comment post is really not too pleasant considering the fact that everyone is now mostly on mobile these days.

I did this:
Go to PC login and change your email address then confirm this through your mobilephone and it will open your nash account on your phone browser GL

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yes, for now we have to do this. i and many others had already said this issue before in this forum. Use the search button in the future to find quick solution to it. @jerrywhyte

SOmeone said when mobile app is released then this login issue from the phone will not be a problem anymore.

I have tried doing this all these while but I still can not. Its annoying having something to say here as an investor and waiting to get home on PC and reach out for my long unmemorable keys before I can login here to comment even now that almost all people now surf the internet via mobile. This is really annoying and I feel other Nash community users are having same issues

This unfortunately no longer works at my phone.

What I do is check the community forum from my phone while not being connected. Then if I want to interact, I just do it later from a browser where it’s possible to login.

The mobile app is coming out soon. Who knows, maybe they added a way to check out the forum from there!