Worldwide BTC at available launch


I attended the Quarterly Update this friday and recall Fabian saying “worldwide BTC will be available at launch” I’ve been trying to get my head around what this implies as I’ve seen the post by @canesin saying they are still exploring several (non-custodial) approaches together with the recently hired Bitcoin Specialist… Can you shed some light on what was meant by this @fabwa @canesin


Can’t speak exactly on behalf of them but Fabio said whenever the funds management and exchange can support Bitcoin, they’ll have it available as an option for trading.

That is, they have the approval to allow for trading of BTC. The only constraints now are technical. Once they can work that out and implement BTC into the funds management and exchange functions, they have the legal permissions to offer BTC trading/storage.

This is not the same as saying they will have BTC at launch.


@Peter is correct.


Don’t forget BCH.