Sorry if we missed the conversation, When will Bitcoin be available on the exchange with the easy Fiat gateways that nash has created? With the wallet and exchange available on our phones, Bitcoin needs to be available just as easy. Has there been conversation about this that we missed?

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Hey Binance thanks for stopping by.
We’re currently still working on the technical sides of things, to ensure we will have Bitcoin implemented asap.
Please do leave us your questionnaire so you can rest assured that you’ll stay up to date with our latest technical developments.


Well I guess we should apologize @Lennystyles definitely didn’t realize we were in Telegram, I thought we were in a much more mature community, but thanks for your response as an equal investor it was informative for the community.

If anyone else cares to share anything of value instead of liking his comment please do share. Being investors we would love to read any of the latest literature or hear from the community.

Our office here in Calgary thought it was a legitimate question as we have quite a large group investment in nash. Unfortunately it was a question I missed asking @canesin and @carla when I was interviewing other NEO projects at Neo Dev Con.
Our biggest problem where we live in Canada are Canadian Dollar gateways. We are always looking for the best FIAT Gateway with the exchanges we use to buy Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies . None of the Exchanges in Canada have access to NEO tokens or any NEP-5, as NEO is deemed a Security here . Nash (NEX) was going to provide us a great solution. The largest reason we started following NEX and entered the lottery. Their goals for FIAT entry around the world while being a decentralized exchange was very exciting.

Unfortunately we have not come across any new literature regarding our question. We have been long investors in Bitcoin and Bitcoin is 52% of the Market Cap…It’s pretty important!

Thanks for suggesting Binance, but they still do nothing for us Lenny, unfortunately in Canada we don’t get our FIAT to Crypto gateway were looking for even with Credit Cards with Binance.

Lenny I’m not to sure what you do for the community but your welcome to check out what The Crypto Deity store has been doing for NEO and it’s projects. It was a no brainer we got involved with nash. If your ever looking for any nash or NEO merchandise @Lennystyles we would be happy to send you something, maybe you’ll be a little friendlier. We have supported NEO since AntShares with all their NEP-5 projects thru our online stores and social media!

Your Canadian Friends
The Crypto Deity


Hey CryptoDeity, it was a joke. Lighten up :wink:

The answer however remains the same:
They are currently still working on the technical side of things, to ensure Bitcoin will be implemented asap. No exact date given as of yet, but believe me we’re all just as excited as you, to have a FIAT-BTC gateways.

Please check the following links for further info.

"If your ever looking for any nash… … we would be happy to send you something"

Yeah 1k nash would be nice, thanks.
Normally I don’t PM for money, but I made an exception today. (joking :wink: )


Lenny got owned lol

Oh what company? I am also a Calgarian cryptro enthusiast and also hate how it has always been difficult when in reference to our fiat on ramps. The best I know right now is Shakepay so I hope Nash is at least as good as theirs, if it’s worse it will deter me and many other Canadians.