Why not create a clear roadmap on Nash website?

Why not create a clear roadmap (technical and legal aspect) to avoid any misunderstanding about Nash ?

It will be helpful for investors and newcomers to understand what Nash team is working on and what we can expect from Nash in the future.

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giving a roadmap will most likely lead to more disappointment. nash is progressing but sticking to deadlines isn’t their strong suit. just stating the facts.

so i can understand their decision not to give any specifics regarding future time lines. there is no point exciting the community just to end up receiving a delay backlash.


has already done nash in 2017 and the result, if you depend on state authorities and their speed of work, we all noticed. Since they are a European security, a meeting must be held every quarter and inform us. this is actually better than a roadmap for a year (for me anyway).
We always keep up to date with technical advances

I can understand both sides, but think a roadmap would be good to have. Simply put everything a quarter in the future, and then deliver ahead of schedule if you’re faster. Win-Win.

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Yeah, I think at least a roadmap about technical improvements should be provided.

Except they missed several dates on their last roadmap. Honestly, they only serve the purpose of building expectations and then, when things inevitably go off the rails, the team is blasted for missing dates.

Were you not around the community pre-ICO? It’s all anyone was talking about.

Leave roadmaps out of this, they should just focus on delivering products as they’re able to. That being said, unofficial updates on what they’re prioritising would be nice…which they do with the quarterly updates ¯\(ツ)

Quite soon no roadmap will matter, a roadmap made sense before as our starting point - but quite soon we will have finished building the initial platform. With that our focus will shift to being only developments that can bring growth to the business. It doesn’t make sense for us to commit 6mo or 1y in advance with a feature/effort while we could focus on something else that is showing to bring better return.