What tool the community would like the most?

I am thinking on giving a paint job on some existing code/material I have and wanted to know: what the community would like the most next?

  • Course introduction to algorithmic crypto trading
  • Open source arbitrage bot
  • Open source trend following bot (strategy bot)

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Looks like you’re going to have to do all three… :smile:


The community which has grown around your original “midnight coded bot” is full of very supportive and likeminded people. I really hope that one way or another an arb bot / trend bot (or both!) come soon so that we can get to using them and boosting Nash further!


Open source bots please :grin:


Amazingly even split so far - looks like you’ve got your work cut out Fabio! :slight_smile:

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I really think that we have a good amount of people in the community (myself included) that would love to use nash as their own private blockchain powered bank.
Investing into advanced bots is the best way i can see us participating passively into nash liquidity and volume while profiting from them all ^^

Borrowing and lending via wallet connect + third party providers (for now) and in general anything that can add a source of passive income would make a lot of sense for everyday people now days.


this might sound silly, but the main reason i am not too excited to run a bot is to not exceed line 2500 trades per year and dealing with the mess of tax reporting. For records up to 2500, turbo tax takes an excel and allows online tax reporting. I wonder is there something like pooling (for bot) with community for better tax reporting

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Second that!

@canesin maybe open source something needs bit of work and with help of the community it can be improved and you concentrate on another that’s harder to express what is missing?
this way we can have 2 maybe all 3 options :wink:

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I will do all 3 @CryptoEks, just wanted to learn the prioritization :stuck_out_tongue: …


Awesome Fabio, can’t wait! I’m interested in all three. Was actually trying to get the mm bot running again with the tutorial of Nick. Looks like it’ll work this time. Exciting stuff!


We love you man!


Fabio, you are going to create an army of traders :grin:. #TrustFabio.

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Fabio rocks! Thanks bud! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :sunglasses: :nerd_face:


This is why #Nash will be a success! Bots :robot: is good, but education is also needed :handshake:

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@canesin Hello Fabio. I noticed that the bot always waits until an order has been filled 100%. Wouldn’t it make more sense to cancel a partially filled order after x minutes and then sell it instead of waiting until it is completely filled?


Hello Fabio. I have another problem that I would like to share. I noticed that when the bot is running and you can view the open orders, it does not update the canceled orders. The problem is with the desktop app and the mobile app. Thanks in advance :blush:

I hope you can understand what I mean

my example code makes no assumption regarding how much an order is filled … it doesn’t work with “orders” as a unit of edge but with trades, so every trade is edged.

You can read it in the code here: https://github.com/canesin/pingpong/blob/master/index.ts#L130

Maybe your orders are small so they become filled and that made you have this impression.