What tool the community would like the most?

Oh ok that is of course possible. Thanks anyway for the explanation. I’m just playing around with the bot a little bit and something like that is pretty new to me and I only noticed a couple of things. :slight_smile:


:+1: , on the other image - I passed to the team to have a look on the display of cancelled orders.


Many thanks… :blush:

Hi Fabio,

I’m playing around with the mm-bot again, trying to figure out how i could set one up myself.

In the config.json, I’m struggling with the provided 4 parameters and their meaning. I hope you/someone could help me out here.

Does the ‘sizeupperlimit’ determines the max. size of a given trade the bot is trying to execute?

Does the ‘min/max delay’ determine the amount of time the bot takes after a succesfull trade?

Hope you guys can point me into the right direction, thanks!



No, this is the amount of time the bot will wait for the market to move and potentially fill the buy order - after this time the loop will continue and it can cancel the order to try to be at the tip of the market again. See: https://github.com/canesin/pingpong/blob/master/index.ts#L362


Actually this is something that’s stopping me as well. The TAX headache of accounting for all those bot trades.

@canesin I don’t know of any exchange that goes the extra mile to help their customers with calculating EOFY capital gains calculation. If Nash could make a calculator for this it would be a stand out feature and would also help drive bot use.


Thanks Fabio, we’ve got the bot running! Looking forward to the algo-trading and arbitrage bots. :smiley: