What is your staking/claiming strategy?

(Kwicks) #1

When staking you can choose between the following claim options:

  • The user claims a direct cut of fees across each token on the exchange
  • The user claims an equivalent amount in one preferred asset type

What is your staking/claiming strategy?
If it’s the second one, what asset do you prefer?

(Alex) #2

What is your staking/claiming strategy?

  • The user claims a direct cut of fees across each token on the exchange
  • The user claims an equivalent amount in one preferred asset type

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(Trust Yourselves ) #3

At present, bitcoin and the NEX token are the only assets I would want to receive via staking payouts

(Njb) #4

Agreed. Since NEX won’t be available as an option until they get the trading license, BTC is probably the best option.

(Kwicks) #5

They do not have a license to trade their own token?

(CryptoUK1) #6

@Kwicks Not yet. As it’s a security token, additional licenses are required to list the token. It’s not just NEX that are working towards this but many across the board in crypto.

The second half of this article explains the licenses and steps required:

(Njb) #7

That has been publicly known for a while now. They have applied for the relevant license, but don’t have it yet.

(Kwicks) #8

Ah, I thought that the delay of the token sale was because of the missing license and it started with having it. Seems like this was something else…

(The Ron) #9

Payout in a stablecoin would also be good to me.

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(Njb) #10

Perhaps. Although the potential growth of cryptocurrency means that the value of your saved dividends could vastly increase.

(The Ron) #11

Or decrease if in bear market and you hold them :slight_smile:

(『  』) #12

I am not sure it it’s already mentioned, is it possible to choose another option than your fixed choice(while you NEX tokens are locked)?

(Vt) #13

I don’t think it’s a fixed choice. AFAIK you can claim your fees whenever you want (with a certain minimum of time between it) and choose how you want to claim it.

(Kelvin Fugara) #14

for me if NEX is not there as option I will choose BTC

(Blocks Party) #15

Claiming is monthly I’m pretty sure!

(Rory) #16

I don’t know if the timeline has changed, but I asked Ethan about this a few months ago and he said that while it was a priority to allow you to choose how your dividends were paid out, that would likely not be in at launch. Instead, you would get paid in a mixture based on the actual tokens that was traded.

I’d post a link, but for some reason when I try I get an error that I “cannot post a link to that host”.
If you’d like to look, it was posted by him on Twitter on 10 Sept 2018.

(CryptoUK1) #17

@Yevin Yea saw that tweet before. Assumed with the delay that it would now be ready for launch. Maybe we will find out at the event

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(Kelvin Fugara) #18

in supporting of this point, I think most of the token to be listed in NEX will undergo through serious review to make sure that they are really good projects. So getting dividends from those token will still be profitable in long and short team running.

(The Ron) #19

It wouldn’t be a problem for me to be honest if this isn’t available from the start. I would anyway convert my dividend to the desired token/coin myself after receiving. Would cost me a bit of trading fee, but hey, that would generate dividend for the whole community again, so a win win right? :grinning::muscle:

(Crypto King) #20

I dont think that will cause an issue in the start. Since many people are aware that NEX will not have lot of trading pair at launch. But with time, I guest things willbe good enough so that people can choose which coins/token they wish to recieve devidents with.