What is your staking/claiming strategy?

Hello , this is my option.

@Bitzion can you elaborate? It doesn’t make sense to me.
You’re gonna divide into 24 stakes and each row represents a different strategy?

If so, why not dividing into 24 bags and have them stake 1 up to 24 months. Each month when a contract ends you put it into 24 months mode so after 23 months you have 24 bags of stakes returning 75% dividends but you still have 1 bag coming available to sell (if wanted) each month, so you have and the flexibility to sell on peaks (if wanted) and you have 75% dividends coming in.

Shoutouts to @Peter for this idea :wink:

Anyways, I think I’ll just stake everything for 2 years. Don’t feel like actively managing my stakes every month :sweat_smile: I just wanna login when I want, to claim dividends and that’s it.

I think it’s the same strategy as you describe but then visualized?

@Nick you’re welcome! I think I saw someone else, also coming up with this strategy on their own (maybe even before me?) so I shouldn’t take credit.

@Bitzion can you confirm your strategy? It seems like you’ll be dividing by 24 and staking all for 1 month intervals, then as each month expires you renew one additional portion for 24 months until they all run for 24 months. Am I correct?

This seems like a good strategy if you want to ensure a free/liquid portfolio to take advantage of capital gains (and don’t foresee much value in the dividends). You could always lock them up for 24 months if and when the volume grows exponentially.

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Definitely not, since the matrix shows only 1 month and 24 month stakes. I was talking about 24 stakes being 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc months up to 24. So it has different dividend returns.

The ‘problem’ with having only 1 month stakes every month is that you’re missing out on a lot of dividends.

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There was similar discussion going on in earlier thread; here it is:

(Screenshot from the thread to encourage you to click trough if you would like to see the spreadsheet and thoughts shared over there…)

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It is a monthly stake. the first month I will do 23 stake, the first will be 24 months, I will leave the second one without blocking to block in the second month for 24 months, the third month will be blocked for a month at 25% but will be unblocked to block it the third month, and so, the yellow color will be the wait me to block for 24 months, that will give me a monthly return, and a contro to each month, I know that some do not think but thinking long term and no intention of selling is a good strategy.

you are in my same line, that is what I have planned to do, I know I will stop winning a percentage in the first 24 months, but as I see it is long term, I think the strategy is right for me, I just want to share my point of seen, I think I saw that idea in another thread and I liked to graph it more easily.