What happens to the NEX token if Nash is bought by another company?

There has been some discussion recently on the community telegram regarding potential outcomes if the Nash founders decide to sell the company. As unlikely as this is, companies buying other companies is something that happens every day and it’s not inconceivable that Nash might decide to sell the company one day. I was looking get some clarity on how this impacts the nex token and it’s holders.

If, for example, a large bank or tech firm was to make an offer to buy Nash, and the team decides to accept the offer, what will be the outcome of the NEX token? Will it be purchased off holders? Or will it simply cease to have any value.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I’m just speculating as well but I would imagine it’s more likely the team sells a clone or fragments of code (sells their technology). If they sell the real thing the buying company or conglomerate will most likely want to keep the current business model that their user-base is used too. I’m curious though as to what the team says.


Agree. It’s really important because some pretty awful things are going on in crypto. Companies basically abandoning support for their token, closing the company and then (trying to) sell their tech to businesses.

Nash are going about everything the right way from a regulatory perspective but the value of the company is in the technology, not necessarily the token. So I think it’s a pretty significant piece of the puzzle that’s a big question mark for me. What happens to the token if the founders decide to sell Nash.
I can’t speculate on it because its something that need an company official/legal position.

To be honest, I can’t believe this question hasn’t been asked already.


Seems there is no limit to the nitpicking in this community.
Do you understand that Nash is a regulated FIN-TECH company and NEX tokens are securities? If you do, then this question will not arise. The founders also hold several unlocked NEX tokens.
Time spent replying every fussy question is time that could have been spent perfecting the exchange… :neutral_face:

expand your answer so that people are not left on a cliff hanger. Although I agree, the answer would be in the laws, you should still explain instead of telling people its obvious

Complaining about the colour of free hoodies at the community presentation is nit picking (actually really sad).

The above question however is not even close to nit picking, it’s a legitimate question.

If you haven’t noticed, the query has had 4 likes in 30 minutes. It’s a question/topic that people want to understand.

Rather than criticising the question, why don’t you wait and see what the response is. Perhaps you’ll learn something.


We would need to consult legal on this, to see what the obligations of the company buying us in regarding to emitted securities. I imagine this is complicated and in a negative case there would be litigation, but @fabwa is our chief compliance and I will let him dodge this bullet :sweat_smile:. We don’t plan to sell for now, and if we sell we will explore first other methods instead of a takeover (like minority positions).

Thanks Fabio. I appreciate your response. Any clarification on this by Fabian would be really appreciated.

Thats so scary. Please dont say that :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sob: Many of us would be so heart broken to have all this work to be sold off.

Although I’m sure the company would remain as a company, the foundations wouldn’t feel as strong. I’d probably dump :zipper_mouth_face:

Thank you for your reply.

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i know ehh,
for now, well didnt sound very good.

Comments like yours are when I wish a down vote option existed.

hmm this is a good question. Like if someone was to buy the company it’s not like we have shares…that’s kinda scary. Especially if there is no legal obligation to maintain the matching engine and staking model.

guys don’t worry :slight_smile: fabio and team are nice. I have a feeling they will just give (sale price - tax and other expense related to sale) / 50 million * tokens you hold … but lets wait for official confirmation :grin:

I think it’s important to understand, in the event of a sale, both what Nash would intend to do, and what the minimum legal obligations are.

Agree but, right now, let’s give the team space to focus on continuing to build 1st class product for launch and getting licenses :smiley::rocket:


A question like this will not reduce the capacity of the development team. It’s a legal question, for the legal compliance team.



for now

Fabio said, that 2030 , the nash exchange will have a billion users… why would you sell now or in the next few years?
only if you don’t believe

But if a company wants to buy, it is a good sign, that fabio and his team doing some good work (y)

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Fair enough! Apologies if my initial comment sounded harsh.
The company shares 70% of exchange profits with NEX holders and keeps 30%.
I believe they could sell a portion of that 30% to a partner without compromising the value of the NEX tokens.
The company also holds some NEX (I think 10% or 15% of the 50 million total). They could sell a portion of those to a partner without compromising the position of NEX holders. If anything, a solid partnership with a reputable group could greatly enhance adoption.

I do not see the founders doing anything underhanded and reckless to token holders. Remember that’s why they opted to go the hard way of registering NEX as a security instead of the worthless exchange utility tokens floating around.

Agree with all the above. But I still think it’s prudent to seek from Nash, their interpretation of their minimum legal obligations to NEX holders in the event the company is sold.