Want to be the first to use the Nash exchange?


Agree. Some new account got made today for sure. Corporate espionage level 10 incoming.


I hope Nash will filter them out

That’s the post I’ve been waiting for since joining the community on day 1.

The trouble with copying Nash is that there’s a lot to copy:

  • They have a unique community (hardly anything like it around)

  • They are pioneering security tokens

  • They are pioneering true DEX

  • They are leading the way in regulatory approval and accountability

  • They are setting ethical standards in dealing with investors/clients

Tough job copying any aspect without being noticed.
Still, the team has to guard high-level information jealously. Corporate espionage is real!


Same, looking forward to test the platform :slight_smile:

Can be but in my case i just created an account, my brother as well. Since we didn’t get the ticket for the lottery, unfortunately, we had to buy in OTC and Aphelion, so for that reason i never considered myself as a early community member but I have tested multiple exchanges and i couldn’t wait to try Nash.
Nash is love! Nash is Life!

Nice try CZ!

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Quite Curious! Despite Amateur have experience with more than 10 exchanges and am a psychologist, so eager for flow, simplicity and safety!

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loving how CZ trying desperately to be ahead of Nash with his fake DEX. he will soon be upside down.

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let’s not call it a DEX because it’s not he controls the chain with the 11 nodes plus all the 67% of the supply of BNBs.
There is no more room for hybrid or centralized exchanges - it’s time for Nash to shine!


He announced the beta testing on the same day Nash released the early testing program. Was that a coincidence. :joy:


thank you - signed up !

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Hello, can you please tell us as soon as the last invitation was sent (so that we know when there is no chance to get selected left)?
Anyway, glad you are doing this (again) :slight_smile:

@JustUS no invitation was sent yet - we will collect entries up to next week. When we select all we will close the topic.


I filled out the survey, would be glad to provide feedback!

Will there be preference given to wallets that previously passed kyc during the ico, or is beta testing open to all?

Cant wait to try !

Let’s go! :moneybag:

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Looking forward to tomorrow, at 14:20 Fabio speaks at NEO Devcon!