Undersecured loans in Nash

If we are licensed to grant loans we can make 100% unsecured loans in Nash.

So an idea to revolutionize the market would be to grant loans for 1.5 your guarantee.

How does it work?

I have 2 ETH, equal to 3000, but I want a loan of 4500 to buy 3 ETH.

So I offer 2 ETH in guarantee, I receive a loan of 3 ETH that is blocked in a contract, I pay an interest for that loan that can be deducted from the ETH that I grant in guarantee.

If the price of the asset you buy (and is blocked as collateral) falls to the level where the additional capital + commissions must be covered, it is automatically settled and the investor receives his money plus the corresponding interest.

It is a form of leverage with high risk for those who hire and low risk for those who provide liquidity.

My English is bad, what do you think of this idea?


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