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I was watching BTC trades on Binance and realized it would be nice to enable filtering of trades below a certain threshold. With all those bots making sub 0.01 BTC trades, it’s hard to see anything.

IMHO a good UX is made up of small “candies” like this :slight_smile:


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You mean looking at the graph or in general ?
Like you filter a threshold and it cleans from the orders table and the graph drawing ?


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Short answer: I was thinking filtering the “past orders” table only (not the graph).

Long answer:
In the graph and in the (pending) limit orders table, small orders are naturally filtered - visually.

However, in the “past orders” table, which get displayed in real time, every order occupies 1 line, however big or small. Meaning your 100 BTC market buy order will soon disappear because of the 50 sub-0.01 BTC orders that follow!

Big orders are precious information to traders (day traders please confirm) and thus I believe it could be useful, all the more than it’s a feature I haven’t seen implemented in any other exchanges. A good way to stand out! :slight_smile:


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Interesting - thanks. I created a Feature issue in the exchange client. This kind of things we should probably do A/B after MVP.


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Speaking of trading features, will there be a way of adjusting stops or limit orders by dragging and dropping (similar to BitMEX) @canesin


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Speaking of trading features, will there be a way to toggle USD/crypto on orderbook and buy sell section ? (similar to Toktok exchange).
Or maybe quick conversion on toggle in tooltip… (while holding alt (option) key activating advanced interface features…)

(look at the toggle switch above the orderbook)


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Keep it coming! I will continue to create feature requests for the nice ones. I personally like the little details. If there is some small uncommon feature you see yourself using frequently in other exchange feel free to post here.


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Of course we need trading tools, I don’t want to make TA on TradingView and in parallel take my positions, but in the mean time, usual “coinbase” kind of user, not interested in TA shouldn’t be distracted by all that… I think Binance has two option when trading, “basic” and “advanced”.
So I don’t know how you intend to present that, but I would say for me it is very important, and it should be fluid also, and if possible, remember what parameters and drawing you put on what chart.
Otherwise I like what have been proposed by the other guys on this post! Keep it up fellas!

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In that case: I really like some Switcheo design details, for example when hovering your mouse over the order book it will display a message balloon next to it with useful details such as average price per token, the total amount of tokens and price up to that point, like shown below:


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Can’t edit my post above anymore somehow. Why is that @chris.fenwick?

Anyways, I just wanted to add that the above suggestion would work really well with @Alex his suggestion with the USD switch, so you see your average price in USD for the coming trade.

Also, please have fees already deducted in the total tokens to purchase box. I hate it to buy a round number of NEO from an exchange and only have x.994 left so I can’t withdraw that last one. Having to actively think about buying extra because fees get deducted is not UX friendly.


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Abosultely agree with @Nick here. Would be great to have this for launch @canesin

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@Nick You’re only able to edit for one hour. This is to let you correct typos/small errors immediately after posting. When we upgrade the Community in the near future we’ll be introducing higher user classes who will gain privileges such as unlimited edits.


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@chris.fenwick I’ve noticed it being as little as 1 hour lately. I could be wrong I guess but pretty sure


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@CryptoUK1 You’re right. It’s one hour, not 24h.

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I would also like to see entry points and selling points on those charts, Kraken has this feature on their trading window, and I think it is a pretty good one!


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@Vic9t can you please do a print and highlight the feature in question ?


(Vic9t) #17

Of course, it would look like that:

The point is basically to see where and when a buy (green) or a sell (red) order has been made. I’m sure you can find a nice design (better than my paint drawing at least ^^).


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Great Idea honestly

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And the first part of the red bar showing how much “in %” the amount of tokens on this price compared to the tokens on offer that will execute before this price “the rest of the red bar”