Trade Competition

Do you have any trade competition in mind to increase the volume in the next few days?

Hi @elcontador, projects that tried to increase volume by using trading competitions don’t seem to have had success even after several rounds.

We are really not focusing on volume on this moment, as we explained. For now we are solving and preparing all the operations processes, from maintenance to support guides and best practices are being defined and teams sized.

Sorry if this is disappointing for you but we believe that polishing the platform with the community first is the best way to have honest useful feedback without losing clients.


As long as Nash’s OpEx runway is healthy, I’m totally in line with this message. Couldn’t agree more!

Hi fabio

Let me start with congratulating Nash with Eth - Neo cross chain protocol you have developed. It is world class.

I am a very old supporter of Nash and I have been following you guys for a long time.

i feel that Nash has done the complicated part like cross chain protocol very easily, however Nash is not getting the easy parts right. I feel very much disheartened. Nash should not try to do each and every thing on its own. Some things like exchange interface and fund transfer schemes to trading account which are very well implemented by the other organisations like binance, switcheo must copied with some modifications. People have liked those. Unless and until we are able to do that, it wont be possible for us to compete properly.

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I think the parts you are speaking of are the parts they are very proud of. So maybe it’s just a different taste.
I personally like the interface very much and more compared to known exchanges. It doesn’t have a lot of weight to me as the big exchanges work fine for me aswell, but that doesn’t change the fact that I like it.

Hi @Hitesh, did you leave your detailed feedback on the feedback threads ? I think that being a bit more specific would help us a lot since is hard to understand exactly what is the pains you are having.


Thank you Fabio for your response, I think the team can load screenshots of the BTC, BCH, LTC tests, as you have them, it would be nice to see it for us.

I understand that you are not interested in the price of the token, but in the end it is money, in the end we are investors of your project, we are not a simple community, do not forget that we gave you money to carry it forward.

Thank you.


I also understand that you are not interested in the price of the token, but think of the community not only of you and your indifference to the short-term interests of investors.

I recommend that you review your marketing and adapt it to the crypto world, maybe your Marketing team has academic training but if you do not understand how the crypto market works it will take time to have a great exchange recognized.

The projects are recognized for their technology and for the ROI that generates the token.

Thank You!

@elcontador, I do not share your sentiments on this particular topic. The expectations of some who are panicking and complaining about price is not surprising, but it shouldn’t dictate the team’s sensible approach.
Fabio has assured us that volume will come and other features will follow, but in the meantime, the focus is to get valuable feedback from the community.
Be patient.


I don’t think you fully understand how investing works in the real world…

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Hi @elcontador, I will reply in bullet points:

  • I do care about the price, very much, I did got a few NEX. It is true, we are not pursuing a optimal path for a time frame of 6 days (or 30 imo).

  • We are not indifferent to speculators, they play a important role in our ecosystem and we try to provide solid information to those.

  • In finance short-term investment is conversion to cash on 1 to 5 years. That is why I refer to speculators above, unless you are pricing commodities.

  • You did not gave me any money. You acquired from Nash a security to receive dividends from the exchange operations. I also invested in Nash with personal funds besides time and devotion. We are very much aligned on expectation there as I also seek a good return.

  • Thanks for your suggestion, but our marketing seems to be working very well for the crypto market. Maybe you are confusing marketing with advertising ? We did not perform any advertising yet so I can’t say it is working or not, since it is actually non existent.

  • Maybe you are mixing dApps with exchanges, most of the big exchanges don’t have a token. The ones that do are a discount token (like a max 25% buyback). I would say important is to find users and get traction withing our resources capabilities, so that we generate a great ROI on the exchange.

Do you have product feedback to give ? I invite you to participate on the threads. Your concerns are just those related to speculation around the possible price for the NEX token ?

Note: I have seen you concerned about this before, I looked at orderbooks today and saw the referred NEX markets have about 0.25% of the supply in the books. Is this enough to price the project ?



Thanks Fabio, I agree with your answers and value your time.

I have these questions listed as you like:

  1. What happens to Chinese users who were able to invest in ICO but now do not have access.

  2. Is the team working to access Chinese and Korean users?

  3. What are the companies that NashPay would work with?

  4. What is Nash’s current relationship with NEO and his team, because No one from the NEO team talked about the launch of Nash and Da Hongfei did not even mention it in the NEO community assembly that was held a few days ago, I also didn’t see anyone from Nash there, why?

Sorry my english

Thank you