The Nash referral program is extended

Dear Community members,

We’d like to let you know that our referral program giveaway has been extended to 18:00 UTC on 26 December 2019.

Our internal roadmap and the objectives we communicated in our Q1 2019 Quarterly Report have not changed. However, we are extending the referral program to keep our marketing objectives aligned.

We hope this move gives new users months of solid experience with Nash, during which time they can show it to friends and family and explain why they enjoy using it – and, of course, more opportunities to earn tickets for our prize draw!

Read more about our decision here.

Best wishes,
The Nash Team


Well…what a surprise…really :confused:

Noooo, don’t do this to us. hihi, wait a few more days guys.
We can do this!! Be positive, you are not going to sell your NEX Tokens on the Nash Exchange. Just hodl your NEX Tokens. :no_good_man:

I am speechless, they do not announce the date of the launch of the exchange, they do not communicate with the community, they extend the referral program for 6 months a few days before, they only say that their report will be on July 27.

No doubt that planning is not the strong point of the team.


Ok, What we have now.

  • We got info 15.5 - MVP (which is internally defined as funds management + exchange + fiat on/off system) is expected to be publicly available in less than one quarter (three months). -> 15.8.2019 last day of possible launch.
  • referral program delay from 17.6.2019 to 26.12.2019 (but there is some info about launch because we got " We hope this move gives new users months of solid experience with Nash" - launch must be few mounths available before referral end.
  • 2Q meeting will be 27.7.2019 (maybe with some info about launch or with some statistics from exchange if will be live) - my opinion

Let’s be honest, these quaterly meetings are only required to :
1/ Create some hype
2/ Give a bone for the hodlers to munch on
For instance, look at BNB : do they need to stage quaterly meetings? NO, if an important information shall be passed on, a tweet from CZ is always enough…
What makes me believe that the MVP might only go live after 27 August :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Winning chances significantly decrease this way. FML.
Could as well play EuroMillions now… ?

Someone a model / data to calculate the winning chances for this referral lottery ?

For that you would need the exact number of activated tickets…which might not be known before the lucky draw…

6 month delay 0_o r.i.p. odds.

Find this an excellent reasoning. I did not push this referral program to my peers as of yet because there was no live product to show them. <3


In that post on the forum, Fabio was reiterating what he said at London event on the 27th of April. So launch is expected within 3 months of that date, not May. --> 27th of July

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Waow. I always try to be constructive, especially on this forum since I’m quite invested in Nash. But you got to face it, that’s really poor management on your part.

To be honest I don’t care at all about the lottery itself (I consider my chances of winning to be close to none). However I’m just disappointed - like a lot of us I think - that the one event we can hang on to gets delayed in such a manner and at the very last minute!

Don’t tell me you didn’t know 2 weeks ago that the referal program would be extended. I don’t believe you.

To look on the bright side, you say roadmap and objectives haven’t changed. I guess we hang on to this now… :disappointed:


Agree that communication could be better.

Its time nash hire a dedicated PR specialist. Unless they have their reasons but that could be communicated too.

Or carla could add in that the launch date hasnt changed. I think more people are confused and linking launch date with referral end date.

Nash has a communications specialist and a PR agency, the announcement was hold at the request of the founders as we needed to green light what could or not be made public together with the referral extension. Finally it was decided to include the update on Q2 date and push the program to significantly later in the year to run in parallel with other efforts.



Thanks for the communication! Hopefully we can hear communication on launch date soon (we are all very eager)! It is very smart to have the referral program ongoing while the exchange has been live for a while as it will lead to more invites and more activations as people won’t feel rushed, or won’t feel like they missed out because they didn’t have enough time to activate. This will look good for the brand in the long run.

Can nash then at least give a date range for the community like when will the launch be? In the article, carla says nash wants the users to have months of strong experience with nash before referral ends… then can we say june-july is the launch date?
Im sure u guys have a date range of launch. So can it be a green light to let the community know? Thanks.

What was the rationale behind the 17th? Why wasn’t it the 16th? Or the 18th for that matter?

What made you deviate from “the original marketing plans for launch”? I feel you on the “we don’t want people to rush to activate tickets” argument, but you never wanted that from the get go, right? Does that imply you originally planned on launching in January/February/March?

We need transparency on these things, all of us put in a lot of effort to get people to sign up and now have to get back to them with a 6 months delay/extension…


To my mind, having a referral program running until December makes much more sense. Referrals are very cost effective marketing, but the thing is, we don’t even have a product launched yet, so why utilise this pretty much costless marketing only on something that’s not even there yet. And even after launching, we’re still talking about a minimum viable product. Some people might be content with it, others might be left wanting more. By extending the referral program, it allows the MVP to be developed further during the program, which in turn can attract more referred users. It makes more sense to invite people to come and use an available product instead of a product that is being launched ‘soon’.

Moreover, since referrals bring in people for essentially free, this would mean that—assuming Nash will have been online for months before December—the extension also maximises the company’s revenue due to increased number of referred users. I wouldn’t be surprised if the referral program would stay indefinitely in some other non-lottery form.

I see the extension of the referral program as both a marketing and a financial business move that can only have a positive outcome in the long run.

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