The Nash referral program is extended

As is written in the article:

When we announced the referral program in February, our internal planning was based on the Nash Exchange being operational some time in advance of the program’s end.

The community don’t need transparency on the internal processes of the company, as those change frequently as they are improved and the community doesn’t have the operational knowledge needed to make the good contributions.

That said, the reason the 17th was originally chosen was because we planned to cut a version 1 week after the end of the beta with the improvements needed, than 2 weeks of QA and be released with 2 weeks of advance to the end of the program. Two things changed, first we believe that we will need more time of parallel operation for the program to be effective as we have decided to not invest in promoting it while the business is not operational and second still need to implement additional requirements on the platform.

Thank you for your efforts in promoting the program! I hope we will make a much easier job doing so with a strong product.


Great! Thanks for clarifying!

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Thanks for the support.


not really a surprise to me…i think next year will be great for community

The “Terms and Conditions” are not updated regarding to the postponed ending.
#7,9,10 have the old dates included.

personal note: I don’t like changing term & conditions so close to a deadline. Sure I can understand your arguments, but it’s always a trade off, and I just don’t like it.

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In this case the trade off far outweighs keeping it as is. Extending it benefits both stakers and the project in the long run and only makes logical sense to do so.

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Thank you for pointing that out, we’ll make sure the knowledge base is up to date.