Thanks for feedback, we are planning the second round :D

I just wanted to say thank you to all community members that gave detailed and precise feedback on the threads. We already mapped and started to work on the improvements required.

Currently we are planning another feedback section on Monday, Sep 30 - the date may change.



I apologize as I am a little bit late to the party, but I have a very simple feedback:

Staking is great and the Statement tab is impressive, but it’s not easy to find. I believe linking the “Total dividends” to the Statement tab would make sense and improve UX on this matter. (I had a hard time finding it and I am a PM…)


Hope this helps!

I guess I could have posted this in Ideas to improve NEX (Brainstorming):thinking: Oh well :sweat_smile:

Since the other feedback threads are closed I will use this thread to store my feedback until they are reopened.

Today I had the idea of buying NEX Token with my nash account. How I will manage this? Since I hold my private keys, I can use other exchanges too who allow me to connect with my keys (damn this feels sooooo good! :smiley: ). So I managed to sell some ETH for NEO on nash and buy some NEX. While going through this process I had some AHA effects.

1) Sending funds from my personal account to my trading account

When I selected to send ETH from my personal account to my trading account and getting ready to enter the amount, the information box about the fees appear. I really like this information, but to reach the Continue Button you have to scroll down. It would be nice, if there is no need to scroll down.

After clicking the Continue Button on the next page I see some minor visible that should be corrected. When you are going for an mouse over at the token symbol a textbox appear telling me its an “Token_ETH”. I think “Token_ETH” should link to a text like “Ethereum”.
Although at this stage of the transferring process I wasn’t able to close the window with the X at the upper right corner

2) Trading

For trading my ETH against NEO I choose to make a market order. At first it seemed like a pretty straight forward way. My plan was just to buy 1 NEO. Therefore I entered in the amount section 1 NEO. As result I got some NEO. Next step is transferring them back to my personal account. Well there I realized, from my 1 NEO some fees were taken. Because only amounts of exactly 1, 2, 14, 23, … can be transferred I had to take another buy. Conclusion: I haven’t seen the exact amount I will receive. I guess I was a bit confused of the changing ETH/NEO/ETH/NEO marks.

Maybe it would have helped out, if there is an additional box telling me you receive: 0.98 NEO or a small checkbox at the entered amount which says exclude fees.
With the second option 1 NEO will be purchased plus an additional amount of necessary NEO for the fees. With this as result I will get exactly my 1 NEO.

A small visual: when entering an amount the percentage boxes appear. They get pretty close to the text “Total”. Some space between this two would be great.

3) Sending funds from my trading account to my personal account

After managing getting enough NEO to send them to my personal account there is an information about how many NEO are in your trading account. If you have 0.678 it will display 1 NEO, if you have 1.678 NEO it will display 2 NEO. Because we can hold a divisible amount of NEO in our trading account, I would recommend to display some numbers after the comma.

4) Getting my private keys ^-^

Worked perfectly, I got my keys and bought some NEX token.


Really nice experience cheers!

This a very important feature.

To leave some track. I had a couple of small issues.

  • When you log for first time in the Exchange and place an order the orders do not appear. By default the period is 1W, but if you don’t change the period or select again 1W it does not show the orders. You can reproduce that by deleting all cache and login again in the Exchange.
  • Second issue is that after deploying the new version the updates were not showing until cache and history was deleted from browser. For instance, everyone had already 16 stakes and I was still with a max of 8. Or the dark mode was not showing.

You might ask what kind of browser do you use? Unfortunately, I can not confirm the problem. I reloaded the page once and all changes were visible.

Hi, I am using the Google Chrome in a masOS High Sierra

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I also use this only with MacOS Mojave. Very strange. :thinking:

I always find myself clicking on the stake in progress to go to the statements until I realize that it’s not a link and I have to move my mouse to the top of the page :sweat_smile:

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