Ideas to improve NEX (Brainstorming)

(Toni R) #1

What do you think if we do a little brainstorming and we give the NEX team some ideas such as: In which web pages it would be useful to implement the NEX extension, possible partnerships that would benefit NEX, new uses for NEX in the future, ways or ideas to be the exchange even more unique, etc?

Let’s see how creative the NEX community is! :face_with_monocle:

(Erika) #2

Hi @Toni_R, great suggestion! We are currently doing some user research on the Extension - you’re welcome to add your thoughts by answering two questions in our Extension survey.

(Toni R) #3

I will definitely add my thoughts! Thanks for letting me know :blush:

(Mr Belfort) #4
  • 2FA fo the extention.
  • I would like to see the exchange being just a small part of the NEX network. the biggest volume would come (IMO) by offering the NEX matching engine / network to a whole variety of services. Example: Buy goods on a webshop an click on Pay. Retailer gets FIAT, you pay with whatever you have or need (BTC,LTC,NEO, USD, EUR, and so on) all fixed invisible through the NEX matching engine.
  • Also it would be nice to have some ZEROCOIN tech in place. It is nice to have audibility but not everybody want to be that visible. especially with large amounts of value.
  • Universal wallet with easy recovery options.
(Mr Belfort) #5

Also try to partner with high volume crypto projects with real world use cases first.
Lets say for example Vechain will become a big player in supplychain management.
Partner up and give customers or companies easy and dummy proof acces to VETHOR with FIAT so the can use Vechain services and Dapps. (offcourse they have their own exchange) but this market is still young and there is room for many different players.