Telegram Moderators

Hello Nash,

I know this has been discussed previosly here: Community management

However, the Telegram channels have become an absolute joke.

A few weeks ago I opened a discussion about a company (named TenX) and put their product/service and history into discussion in the "price talk’ channel. It was a very healthy discussion which users were inclined to discuss. I was muted as I was creating ‘FUD’ for a 2 week period.

Today, someone by the name of ‘Wayno’ posted his sentiments on selling his bags as there hasn’t been really any reason for him to hold onto them (their personal views) and shared his reasoning, the person was muted for a 7 day period…

These are just examples that I’ve stumbled across when looking through the chat every other day, however I’ve been messaged by other users who share the same sentiments. The community Telegram channels are an absolute joke - specifically the moderators behind them. If you aren’t posting ‘when lambo’, ‘nash $100’ or anything in a positive light towards Nash then you’re immediately disregraded as ‘FUD’.

That’s not the least of it, the moderators pose some sort of hierachy where they have some sort of artificial power to do what they want, when they want and say what they will without even consideration of the reflections of their actions towards Nash and the business. It’s extremely unprofessional and almost cult like driven.

There’s absolutely no professionalism nor consideration towards the community here - they also come across as very stuck up and arrogant at times. I will say however that **** being so active on the Telegram channels is great to most users who need support, they just need to tone down the mutes/bans and actively allow discussions whether they’re positive or negative towards Nash and allow people to voice their opinion/sentiments in the correct manner.


As discussed in telegram, I have closed this topic.

Thank you