Staking problem?

I just tried to stake some of my tokens for 2yrs and I staked a decimal of .9999997 as I got 999.99999997 when in ICO and the decimal was bugging me :slight_smile: Entered my password and my 2FA. Seemed to be accepted and a message on screen told me I need to wait 5 minutes before another stake. All good so far, or so it seemed.

However after the 5 minutes the system is telling me that I have placed 0 out of 16 stakes and I can’t seem to find any record of the initial staking attempt and my balance is still showing the full amount of tokens.

Is there some issue in the system with staking fractional amounts or something else that I might be missing?



Bah, I want my missing 0.00000003 from ICO then lol. Thanks!

I would ask for support. I noticed that at the ICO and I do not think that’s fair. After all, you paid for 1000.

If you should not have success with support you can also write to me and I help you out with 0.00000003 Nex :wink:

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Hey support, can you ship me $0.00000000528c please… I think I’ll pass on that one!

Will we ever be able to stake fractions?

Here is no support, try nash support

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Just to be clear, I’m not going to ask support :slight_smile: It was a little joke. I am sure at some point in the future when we can convert our staked returns into more NEX this will sort itself out. Until then, there will be a NEX that I cannot stake!


If you @EllisNEX, @fischdenflo or other member of this community need 0.00000003 NEX to complete their stake I can send it in the next couple of days. Just DM me the Nash NEX address.


Hi Fabio - appreciate the offer, but really… I am not personally going to ask you to send me 0.00000003. I’ll trade up some dust at some point when I am able!


I already added a 0.01 by buying xx.01 extra :slight_smile: but This 0.00999997 is going to be great when I gather 0.99000003 from dividend :smiley: @team please get the STs trading sorted :wink:

Just to add further to my linked post above, I was able to do a full 16 stakes afterward even though I had two “successful” stakes that didn’t go through and were not reflected because of the decimals. :slightly_smiling_face:

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