Staking overview

Will we have an overview on amount of stalked coins?
This can include date stalked when it will be released, amount.
I would like to have this information to better know circulating supply and when tokens will be released on the market.
Will this be possible?

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This images shows how the Funds Management section will look like. And if you look closely in the background, it has all the info you need:

BTW: it’s staking, not stalking :wink: :male_detective:

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I am aware of this overview.
I would like an overview on all coins,
lets say. 5 million stalked for 1 month, 10 for 2 years, this sort of thing.

I assume you will be able to look at the smart contract to see how many NEX are being committed overall. However, I am not sure if you will be able to easily see how long everyone has theirs committed. I’m unsure how I feel about this being very public information.

I do not want information as:

x wallet has x coins stalked for x amount.

I would like an overview of total amount stalked for x time

I don’t believe they have all staked tokens in 1 contract. You’ll probably have 1 contract per stake.

It’s staking @seidler , stalking could get you arrested :wink:



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LMAO! you got him…

Yes you will!

There will be an overview of how many NEX tokens you have locked in per stake, the fee reward per stake, the duration of how long that particular stake is active for, the number of dividend payments you have received so far for each stake, and a few other bits of important and interesting information when you navigate through to the staking area :slight_smile:


So we will be able to see an overview of all tokens? Not only personal wallet?

Will the staking reward be subject to a withdrawing fee? Also do we have the option of taking out whenever or is it a per month basis?

Does anyone know in what currency the fee will be paid out?

@Kukulkan To begin with, it will be paid out in all tokens trading on nex. In future we will be able to choose which tokens we’d like the payout to be in. Should be soon hopefully as Ethan mentioned that feature is high priority

Especially if you consider that converting to a token of choice will also happen on the exchange, so you’ll have compound volume :money_mouth_face:

I corrected the typo in the title of this thread since it’s a little bit alarming to keep thinking about “NEX Stalking”.

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I should had done that, left it as we all are stalking NEX :slight_smile:

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Is the dividend payout weekly or monthly? @canesin @carla @ethan

It is monthly based upon when you start your stake

And where do you get this information from?

Participation payments are calculated and paid weekly. Payouts will only be made to those NEX token holders who have blocked their NEX tokens for at least one month during the assessment period. NEX Token Holders who have not blocked their NEX tokens during the relevant assessment period are not eligible for participation in the fee income for the relevant assessment period.

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