So BTC trading starts today for Tier 2 users, according to Ethan interview on Nasdaq TradeTalks

And for everybody else, later this week.


Yeap that is the schedule, we are opening it slowly to not be surprised by last minute issues.


Can we expect that all current coins are tradable against BTC?


No @fischdenflo, only BTC/USDC and ETH/BTC at launch, with NEO/BTC planned. While there is no technical limitation to provide */BTC it is necessary to also provide liquidity and we decided to concentrate in fewer markets.


Wasn’t it originally planned to integrate new coins weekly or monthly? I think that contradicts something. On every stock exchange that I have traded so far, BTC was the standard pair. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Die ersten zwei Staubkörner sind da!

be patient bro, new coins and additional pairs will come in due time. BTC integration is a huge milestone.

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I just can’t hear that anymore. I’m out of here… :no_mouth:

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This is why there are only a couple of BTC pairs. Capital for MM is limited so this approach makes complete sense.


more stable coins are key . we need 5 more and Neobank app integration…
its time forn a new fintech payment network lead by fintech-banks / apps

king is dead

i have raised it before, but it would really be cool if the team can read about hummingbot.

It could give free liquidity for nash, with only paying the hummingbot team themselfs to add support for nash in their code.

How you get free liquidity AND volume? Teams of tokens pay quite a bit of dollar to people who set up a bot who trades and provide liquidity to the token.

Right now only rlc-eth would profit from it though, probably.

It’s say to contact hummingbot and the iexec team.

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