Suggesting a partnership with Hummingbot

Hummingbot is a liquidity provider, that has been partnerning with Harmony One and iExec and more.
It allows people to run a trade bot that provides liquidity to the token, and based on volume they get extra paid by the project team, to give more incentive to trade and bring liquidity to their tokens. This has already proven to be a effective

I could envision a partnership with Nash, by working together with them to make hummingbot compatible with the Humminbot API, then promoting this partnership with the community’s that hummingbot works with. This would create awareness for both Hummingbot and Nash, AND would bring market makers to Nash that will get paid to provide liquidity! And with this, volume can increase on the exchange!


since RLC has now been listed, i’d like to bump this topic.
RLC is already a partner of hummingbot. Only thing left to do is making sure hummingbot works with Nash, and then you instantly have volume and even more liquidity on the rlc-eth pair.


yep … good observation on liquidity and Hummingbot :+1: im with you.

looks like Nash wants to facilitate access to computational power also with RLC.
feels like they are gonna provide same products as they do for us to dapps… they will plug in to our exchange and not have to burn all their cash trying to get licences … money transmitter etc… nash will handle their onboarding/offboarding. Nash might even provide MPC to them if my heads right … ? would be logical in my world

File storage will be on Neo FS i guess… again that market will run over our exchange thru apis prob

Have we got some name service integration coming? … damn those wallet addresses look so bad … time they went… im ready to never copy paste and eye ball the last 3 digits again

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Now that Nash team has made it clear that building a bot is not their top priority, this topic would be a good one to reopen.

A small group of us took a look at available open-sourced market making bots and Hummingbot did look like the best option by far.

However for this to work, it would require a connector which isn’t available and must be coded in Python. Since @localhuman said Nash would soon be deprecating its Python SDK, this would require some Python expertise but also a good knowledge of Nash’s API.

Is anyone from the community feeling up for the challenge of building a hummingbot connector for Nash? Or could this be considered by Nash team? It would open a nice opportunity for the community to help with creating liquidity and volume on Nash trading pairs by using a plug & play bot.


We contacted the hummingbot team late last year and again in Jan, so far we haven’t heard back. We would be happy to make Nash available to its users.


So, as you may have guessed, I started to work on a Hummingbot connector for Nash.

I’m following the Hummingbot Building connectors guide and as of today I completed the tasks 1 and 2. You can find what I’ve done on my forked repo on github.

If there are some people interested to contribute, it would be awesome! Currently I’m working on the “Tracking Orders & Balances” section in the task 3, but I think the other sections can be worked on in parallel.

As the Nash Python SDK is deprecated, the connector is communicating with Nash via the GraphQL api directly. Also, as Nash api is build on top of the Phoenix framework channels feature for web sockets subscriptions, and I didn’t find an existing client in Python, I did a PR to the open source gql project in order to support Phoenix channels. I hope it will be merged soon.

Now the tricky part: The remaining work deals with order management, and is the hardest part to implement due to all the cryptographic operations needed, as mentioned in this post. That’s why I look forward to see the open sourcing of the projects allowing easier migration to Nash (even if there are some refactoring in process, we can handle this!).

Let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face: