Simplifying EHT FEES

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I just tried to transfer some ETH from trading contract to personal account. I got an error, because I did not have any ETH in my personal account for paying the fees. Now I have to transfer ETH from extranal to my personal account, which is a bit frustration and inefficent. I think for lots of future customers (specially the new ones in crypto) this is somehow a bit confusing and unpleasant. Maybe there is a possibility to solve this issue or make it simpler. (like using other crypto to pay the fees as well?)

thx and go nash (we already entered the top 300 exchanges by volume) :slight_smile:


Fabio talked about it here:

I’m not sure that will be possible as it’s ETH network fees. Hopefully the team find a solution for it though :crossed_fingers:t3:

thanks @CryptoUK1

If I remember right it was somehow possible with cryptobridge I think. There u could choose from which asset u want to pay the fee. But I am not sure how it worked on a technical level. we ll see :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Gorlim1981, we are aware and this has already been discussed in the forum. I am closing the topic to avoid more energy being spent on this.