Nash priorities for hodlers

In my startup, I manage the roadmap. We split it in 3 lanes based on the main personas of our product.

Based on @canesin’s words:

…I see the same pattern for Nash: 3 personas, all of which have different priorities. I would like to focus on the following persona:

Persona: Hodler

  • Activities: buy and hold
  • Motivators to sign up for Nash:
    • Funds manager: all-in-one wallet where you control your private keys
    • NashCash: easy on-ramp, no additional KYC required. Fast and feeless
  • Priorities:
    • Cheap (fast is a bonus) transfers (Other personas may be more willing to leave funds in the trading contract due to their trading frequently. Not this guy. So if buying $100 worth costs $15 end-to-end, it’s obviously a no-go)
    • Large choice of tokens
    • Nash Savings account

I wrote all this to focus on 1 thing:

  • Large choice of cryptos

This is a community question which has been heard time and time again and is getting raised more and more as of late.

can act as a deterrent for new users to adopt Nash as their main exchange.

This thread seems to validate this hypothesis further.

Establishing a true listing strategy seems key for this persona at least. I personally have been buying (and putting sell orders) on Kucoin just because they have tokens that aren’t available on bigger CEXs.

Unfortunately Nash has - because of its compliance requirements - a disadvantage compared to unregulated exchanges (Binance, most DEXs, etc). But I believe this can be turned into a strong point: betting on quality instead of quantity.

Picking up projects based on their availability on top exchanges seems to have been a successful strategy for Kucoin. Maybe this is compatible with Nash’s compliance team’s size?

Also, if every new listing on Nash was accompanied by a report - possibly a 1-pager or a more detailed one - from Nash’s very own Market research team, I believe it would help with kickstarting projects and help to convey the message that Nash’s listings are meaningful serious quality projects.

TL;DR: for the hodler persona, a large choice of tokens feels like the number 1 priority after frictionless transfers.


Awesome summary Marc!

I do think that this is the user base that we can attract the most. Being non-custodial, and having a secure wallet with Bitcoin, Etherum and NEO is huge already for Holders. There are many tokens that have very supportive communities, but few exposure to the market, and that’s an opportunity to gain users. I think listing more tokens should definitely be high in the priorities, as it is also a marketing effort. If NEX could be used to vote for coins to be listed, I think it would increase the interest in holding it, and also raise the involvement of users in the Exchange ecosystem.

Of course at the beginning the volume on the exchange won’t explode, but when a sufficiently large amount of token is added, and we have reached a certain threshold of active users, then the volume can really pick up, and enter a virtuous circle!

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I see main concern raised in telegram channels after transfer issues are the limited number of tokens available for trading. Now i don’t see many talking about transfer issues, assuming that issue is close to resolved. In 2019 Nash invited projects to submit applications for listing but not sure what happened, and also I believe top 20 tokens discussed as WIP, some are yet to be listed.

I think its all fine but i see the confusion as community has no idea what the plans, could be Nash does not announce everything public. I know everyone is very excited about nash listing nex (feels so bad recommending users to different exchanges) and getting some top tokens with good liquidity