Save the date - 18 January in Amsterdam!


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On 18 January 2019, NEX will be holding an event in Amsterdam to present our work from the fourth quarter. We will provide more details such as time and venue in the coming days! #TrustYourselves

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(Jarek Mace) #4

Great News ! ! Looking forward to the Update.

(Len) #5

Let’s hope for De Rode Hoed again always a great venue and so supportive of blockchain :sunny:

Maybe the day NEX Beta goes live? #speculations #prayers :sweat_smile:

(Olu ) #6

Why always Amsterdam :sweat_smile:
Next time London :pray:

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(Trust Yourselves ) #8

Perhaps not live feeding this event is a good idea if the team are conscious of what they are showing. This also Might attract more audience to the event. No phones allowed :no_entry:

(Rory) #9

@Trust_Yourselves I understand your reasoning, but would really suck for those of us who are thousands of miles away and unable to attend.

(Kelvin Fugara) #10

Good news, We kindly need to see BTC Integrated on NEX on that Day

(Mao Mao) #11

great news! and i hope there are more announcements being made on meet-ups like this in the future.

(Mill189) #12

Completely agree. Looking forward to have next one in London

(Nikita Babaev) #13

I reckon that the team is not going to launch the exchange on the 18th. Probably reveal the details but not the exchange itself.

(Basti) #14

I also expect that. Until NEX is fully operational we will be able to wait until Easter

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(Rory) #16

I’m with you, but I think there are a few people on this forum that might have a cow if the exchange doesn’t launch until Easter lol!

Most I’m hoping for is an announcement of a launch date/window. Not sure we’ll get that, but I think that’s the best thing you can hope for. I’m completely fine with the “launch when ready” approach though.

(Mao Mao) #17

the compliance approach have already gave us a peace of mind. Wish the regulators will make this a smoother process for NEX

(Alex) #18

Any idea if this will take place in the morning / noon / evening ?
You do livestream ?

(Jump Around) #19

I would be shocked if it didn’t launch in tandem or just before the NEO Devcon in February

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