Releasing NEX from stake

Anyone else having issues releasing their NEX? I went to “Completed stakes” which shows one completed stake. Then I click on “Release NEX”. Then it says “Failed! Please try again later.”

Is this a temporary error?


same here 04

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Hi all, the same issue for me…

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Same issue here.

It looks like an issue with domain permission where the exchange tries to access the Neo explorer of Nash (Different domain, CORS issue). I don’t think this is a big thing to solve. Let’s wait for a reaction of the team.


Same issue here. “failed! please try again”

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It seems there is a issue particular to domain in production (a cross-domain setting), this means the browser will block the request. We will issue a fix asap, this does not require maintenance downtime.


Thanks, good to hear! Support also responded :+1:

Is this related to why we can’t send NEO to an external address? I have tried to send NEO to Switcheo a dozen times now and it keeps failing.

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I were able to release my nex right now


Me too

Mine is still stuck. Did you have to go through support?

I did contact support, but no, it should be working for everyone now.

Do you still get the error message or can you push the button over and over again? If so, count your total free NEX tokens and check if it is correct. I noticed that after releasing I could push the button again and it was if it was attempting to release again. Maybe this had to do something with caching, because now the button says ‘NEX released’.

Could you please refresh your browser while pressing control ? ( Ctrl + F5 )

I’m on a Mac, but cmd+shift+R doesn’t cut it…

Or try deleting cache/browsing history and then log in afresh

Look, I know how this works, I’m a PM for a Saas product.

Even tried using different browser (Chrome, Firefox,…). I think I need to retrieve it manually :confused:


Sorry about the difficulty you are experiencing. It can be quite irritating but I believe Fabio and the teams are working to solve it.
Thankfully we are still in the MVP stage and this kind of problem will soon be a thing of the past.